Da Nang ramps up resources for tourism promotion

March 31, 2022 - 11:00
Through a series of effective solutions for pump-priming, the Da Nang tourism market has started to “warm up” after a lengthy quiet time due to the pandemic.

Through a series of effective solutions for pump-priming, the Da Nang tourism market has started to “warm up” after a lengthy quiet time due to the pandemic.

Tourists coming back

Officially re-opening on March 18, Sun World Ba Na Hills - the most awaited destination in Da Nang - has had exciting welcome days after closing for nearly a year to prevent and control the pandemic.

"From the first days of opening, the number of tourists to Sun World Ba Na Hills has been extremely positive. Currently, the tourism area is open on only three weekend days, but the great amount of tourists coming to play and enjoy is quite significant," said Nguyen Thi Khanh Linh, Deputy Director of Ba Na Service Cable Car Joint Stock Company.

"Fortunately, in addition to the tourists from Quang Nam - Da Nang, tourists from other provinces such as Ha Noi City and Ho Chi Minh City also account for a large number here. There have been several group inclusive tours with hundreds of people visiting Ba Na Hills.”

In the last days of March 2022, the 2022 International Marathon also restarted in Da Nang, attracting over 5,000 tourists, athletes and their families.  This is the largest number of tourists visiting Da Nang since 2019.

On March 27, Da Nang welcomed two international groups inclusive tours departing from Singapore and Thailand, marking an important milestone for the city’s tourism recovery phase.

Up to now, nine airlines have reopened 10 international flight routes connecting directly with Da Nang. The Government’s policy of opening up to international tourists from March 15 is also a favourable condition to connect Da Nang with many countries around the world.

The daily increasing number of domestic and international tourists to Da Nang has injected new vitality into tourism by the city’s Han River.

Gathering resources for investment

Da Nang not only aims to recover its tourism activities but is also investing heavily in refreshing products to re-achieve its position as the leading destination in the country.

Recently, the city has struggled somewhat. In the recent Lunar New Year, considered an opportunity to promote tourism, in contrast to the excitement of Phu Quoc, Da Lat, Nha Trang and Sa Pa, Da Nang tourism was quiet.  

Tran Phuoc Son, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Da Nang City, said: “The goal of refreshing products and services plays an acutely important role for Da Nang tourism. We identify this as a key task of all levels, industries, and districts through directing and operating measures, incentives and mobilising resources for tourism development. This is the most critical responsibility of tourism businesses to generate revenue and achieve efficiency.”

In 2022, Da Nang tourism chooses the message “Enjoy Da Nang” to attract and invite tourists to the city, which focuses on promoting and advertising its flagship products such as health tourism, beach resorts, golf, and MICE activities. The city authorities are committed to accompanying the tourism industry in investing and developing new products and refreshing already-branded products.

The most typical is Sun World Ba Na Hills, which is implementing the second phase of investment with great resources, upgrading and expanding many new items over the next 3 years.

From April 2022 to the end of this year, Sun World Ba Na Hills will warm up "Asia’s leading festival and event city" with exciting festival programs and activities.

A series of new products will be launched such as Carnival Street and Eclipse Square - the intersection between the two kingdoms of the Moon and the Sun; a European Fair with Medieval colours; Summer Festival – Bestival Food and Beer Festival at Beer Plaza; and the theme show “The battle of the Moon Kingdom.”

From 2023 to 2025, Sun World Ba Na Hills will deploy the projects associated with ecological factors that are friendly to the environment such as the museum using water surface landscapes; tropical flower gardens, green trees; and wine production in Ba Na.

Appreciating the dedication and large-scale investment of Sun Group in Ba Na Hills, Vice-Chairman Tran Phuoc Son said: “Sun World Ba Na Hills has been a destination attracting a great number of tourists to Da Nang for a long time."

"We believe that when Ba Na Hills reopens, it will contribute to creating a big boost for Da Nang tourism recovery and breakthrough. When Ba Na Hills perfects its products and services, not only domestic but also international tourists to Da Nang will also have to admire it.”

Da Nang has also been preparing new tourism products in the direction of strengthening technology application, digital transformation, and limited-exposure customer service models such as an automatic online check-in service counters, self-check-out systems, and quick key returns.

They will also pilot nightlife entertainment at several locations; organise large-scale festivals and events, promote regional and international destinations; and hold the Forum of Asian Fight Route Development in June 2022, the Da Nang Wonderful Festival in June 2022, and the Da Nang Festival welcoming in the new year of 2023.

The city has started a series of promotional activities in potentia markets such as Korea, Thailand and Japan.

With efforts to warm up the market to make a strong breakthrough, it is believed that Da Nang tourism will soon return to its "golden age."