Sun Air signed as sales representative for Gulfstream business aircraft in Viet Nam

March 24, 2022 - 14:08
On March 23, 2022, the Signing Ceremony of partnership for authorised International Sales Representative (ISR) between Gulfstream and Sun Air took place at Capella Hanoi hotel, marking a milestone for a new era in the luxury aviation industry in Viet Nam.

(Ha Noi) - On March 23, 2022, the Signing Ceremony of partnership for authorised International Sales Representative (ISR) between Gulfstream and Sun Air took place at Capella Hanoi hotel, marking a milestone for a new era in the luxury aviation industry in Viet Nam.

The Signing Ceremony was attended by the Gulfstream's representative – Wayne Oedewaldt, Senior Vice President of the  Asia Pacific, and Mr Julient Nargeot, Vice President of Southeast Asia, the representative of Sun Group and Sun Air leadership.

Under the agreement in the Signing Ceremony, Sun Air will support Gulfstream to develop the Viet Nam market and promote introducing the Gulfstream's legendary aircraft to prospective customers.

As an authorised international sales representative of the Gulfstream brand, Sun Air will become a bridge for the most famous jet airline to reach the Vietnamese upper class.

Moreover, the first luxury general airline in the country will provide aircraft sales, aircraft management and charter management services to private aircraft owners.

Around the world, Gulfstream is the name given to super-speed planes, flying farther and faster than any other jet. They are safe and comfortable "flying mansions."

Since the first Gulfstream I plane took off in 1958, more than 3,000 Gulfstream jets have flown worldwide, aiming to serve businessmen and the wealthy, offering the smoothest journeys optimal for health and maximising flight performance.

Gulfstream G500

Scott Neal, Senior Vice President of worldwide sales, Gulfstream, said: "Interest in Gulfstream aircraft continues to grow in Asia. We are looking forward to expanding our presence and efforts in Viet Nam. Sun Air is not only a valued customer but will also provide Gulfstream local expertise and opportunities to expand our presence in this important market."

Private jets have been more prevalent in developed countries, with about 22,000 operating business jets, especially in North America and Europe.

Asia is the third potential region in this aviation segment globally, but this is still a quite new industry in Viet Nam. The pandemic has significantly affected the development trend of global aviation.

Businessmen and the super-rich class demands for private, luxurious, and time-saving flights has gradually increased. Hence, Vietnamese aviation has been put in a new context and ready to welcome the breakout of the private jet charter, in which Sun Air is the pioneer.

"Being the International Sales Representative for Gulfstream in Vietnam represents a key milestone of Sun Air in the development roadmap of potential luxury general aviation," said Dang Minh Truong, Chairman of Sun Group Corp.

"We believe that with Gulfstream's leading reputation in the global aviation industry and Sun Group's quality-class-difference emphasised ecosystem, we will create unprecedented luxury aviation experiences in Viet Nam."

Van Don International Airport – "The world's leading regional airport" awarded by the World Travel Award and invested in by Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province will become a perfect airport for the aforementioned luxurious Gulfstream aircraft, according to a Sun Group representative.

"For Sun Group, constructing Van Don International Airport is building a foundation. Sun Air's signing to become the authorised international sales representative of the Gulfstream brand in Viet Nam is also the next chapter in the journey to engage in the luxurious aviation industry as well as to create the top-class products and experiences in the fields that Sun Group has been participating in," said Dang Minh Truong.

According to the plan, after the signing ceremony of partnership for the authorised international sales representative, Gulfstream and Sun Air will cooperate in organising the "Gulfstream Airshow" aircraft exhibition at Van Don International Airport in the third quarter of 2022.

For the Gulfstream Airshow, Viet Nam will witness the appearance of a series of luxury aircraft becoming the standard in the aviation industry, such as G500, G600, G650ER, and especially the G700 market-leading jet for the first time.

This is a significant event because Gulfstream rarely organises a private aircraft exhibition outside the scale of regular air shows.

The partnership between Sun Air and the world's most famous aircraft company Gulfstream will connect the most class-leading products of Sun Group and Gulfstream with the Vietnamese and global upper class and promise to bring extraordinary luxury and even super-luxury experiences to Viet Nam's tourism and aviation market.