Hon Thom's wooden roller coaster already a hot spot in Phu Quoc

February 05, 2022 - 16:00
On the first days of the new year, a large number of tourists went to Hon Thom, Phu Quoc, to experience Moc Xa Thinh No, the first wooden roller coaster in Viet Nam.

On the first days of the new year, a large number of tourists went to Hon Thom, Phu Quoc, to experience Moc Xa Thinh No, the first wooden roller coaster in Viet Nam.

On the morning of the second day of the Lunar New Year, at An Thoi and Hon Thom cable car stations, Phu Quoc, there was a bustling and jubilant atmosphere when groups of tourists queued to buy cable car tickets and take the new rides.

This year due to the influence of Covid-19, instead of going in large and crowded groups, tourists travelled in smaller groups or with their families.

Queuing to wait for the cable, Phuong Mai and her husband, Thanh Trung (Ha Dong, Hanoi) said that their family decided to go on a Tet holiday in Phu Quoc partly to relieve their itchy-feet after a whole year of being unable to travel. Their two children were also very eager to go to Hon Thom to try the Moc Xa Thinh No roller coaster.

Moc Xa Thinh No (Angry Wooden Snake) is a roller coaster that has just opened this New Year at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park. The ride is made from hundreds of thousands of special wooden planks fastened together, creating a very different vibe to a regular ride made of metal. The wooden roller coaster is one of the most challenging thrilling rides in the world. Moc Xa Thinh Na is the first wooden roller coaster in the country.

From the moment you arrive at Hon Thom island, visitors can hear the unique sound of the roller coaster gliding over the wooden rails, along with the excited howls of visitors.

With a peak height of 32.4 m, 14 slopes and twisting spirals lying on top of each other, Moc Xa Thinh No is no different from an angry, roaring wooden snake on a deserted island. It brings extreme challenges, which are not made for the faint of heart.

During the journey of more than 2 minutes, with a distance of nearly 900m winding and spiralling continuously, visitors will slowly crawl along the spine of the "giant snake" to the top, then suddenly "fall free" down the deep vertical slopes at the blink of an eye, and then it leans to the side and visitors feel like they are about to bounce off the tracks and fly out of their seats, as the ride hits speeds of up to 80km/h.

“Compared to other roller coasters I've been on, Moc Xa Thinh No is at a higher level of 'flying' and 'smoothness'. I almost didn't feel the hiss or friction of the sliders, and the slopes and spirals were also much better. I felt like my body had flown out of the chair," said Anh Minh, a youngster from Ho Chi Minh City.

Besides the steep falls making your heart want to jump, visitors can also see the breathtaking view of tropical forests or the immense sea from Hon Thom Island, and the view of the track as it runs "through the wall" or "underground" under the giant wooden structures. It is a beautiful work of installation art that won't be found in other regular roller coasters.

According to Clair Hain Jr, co-founder, and president of Great Coaster International (GCI) – the company that has been designing and building the world's top wooden coasters for 29 years and also created Moc Xa Thinh No - the roller coaster was made from special golden pine wood imported directly from the US, which has been impregnated and specially treated to achieve high durability of up to 40 to 50 years, so it provides a high safety guarantee.

Moc Xa Thinh No is also a new game marking the birth of the Exotica Village-themed subdivision at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park. Visiting here, tourists feel like they are entering a unique adventure with huge wooden wrecks, mysterious wild mines, encountering strange sea monsters, or suddenly finding buried hidden treasure.

The twisty roads that simulate ancient train decks or abandoned stations not only bring a sense of excitement but also act as a unique check-in point that makes visitors rush to grab selfies.

Along with the Moc Xa Thinh No in the Exotica Village themed subdivision, Hon Thom also "treats" visitors with various new unique experiences, such as vibrant art performances with different themes by international artists, diving trips, exciting ocean exploration, and a brand new seafront bar where visitors can relax and enjoy the wonderful natural beauty of Phu Quoc.

Visitors can enjoy moments of relaxation when surfing the cable car across the sea, unleashing emotions with 20 challenging slides at Asia's leading water park - Aquatopia Water Park, or take an absolute stress relief treat with sea sports at Bai Trao.

There is a variety of entertainment and discovery options and high-class tourism products giving Hon Thom the brand name "paradise island," where joy and enjoyment have become an irresistible attraction for tourists of all ages.

According to the Department of Tourism of Kien Giang Province, over the first three days, of the Lunar New Year, more than 22,000 tourists came to Phu Quoc, and many hotels and resorts were fully booked.

Visitors to Hon Thom also increased by 4-5 times compared to before Tet. This is an exciting start to the New Year for the Phu Quoc tourism industry and the country as a whole.