Companies save billions of VND with powerful "Made in Vietnam" authentication technology

December 22, 2021 - 14:12
It is widely is recognized that passwordless authentication delivers breakthrough performance in security, optimises operating costs and enhances user experience. VinCSS LLC has pioneered research and development of the first FIDO2-certified powerful passwordless authentication ecosystem in ASEAN.

It is widely is recognized that passwordless authentication delivers breakthrough performance in security, optimises operating costs and enhances user experience. VinCSS LLC has pioneered research and development of the first FIDO2-certified powerful passwordless authentication ecosystem in ASEAN.

The demise of the traditional password

At an RSA conference in the early 2000s, Bill Gates predicted the "demise" of the traditional password. Currently, in the opinion of many information security experts it's time to say goodbye to passwords because they repeatedly reveal weaknesses and inadequacies.

Research by Verizon and Microsoft shows that passwords are the cause of more than 80 per cent of data breaches, while their management is considered too expensive. As reported by LastPass, the world's leading password manager, on average a large enterprise spends 1 million USD annually resetting and managing passwords.

The FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance was formed in 2012 to reduce the world's reliance on passwords. The alliance has become an open industry organization with the participation of more than 260 member enterprises including most of the world's leading technology corporations such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Paypal, RSA, Samsung, and VISA.

Launched in 2018, FIDO2-certified passwordless powerful authentication technology is considered a "game changer" thanks to the strong support of the world's major technology corporations.

Research by Security Insider, a reputable global press agency in the field of cybersecurity, revealed that switching to passwordless authentication could help enterprises reduce the risk of phishing attacks and identity theft by 91 per cent; increase user experience efficiency by 64 per cent, and save operating costs by 14 per cent while increasing the digital conversion success rate up to 21 per cent.

The outstanding benefits of passwordless powerful authentication technology

VinCSS – the company with a pioneering mission

In Việt Nam, despite the strong digital transformation nationwide to develop new digital services, enterprises still fail to access to passwordless authentication technology. Many of them still have to accept password management and OTP services at a significantly high cost with complicated user experience while there are more and more attacks targeting weak authentication services of financial institutions and banks.

To solve this problem, VinCSS started research and development of a totally “Make In Vietnam” passwordless powerful authentication ecosystem with complete solutions, continuous upgrading and innovation. It is the first passwordless powerful authentication ecosystem in ASEAN.

The first powerful passwordless authentication ecosystem in ASEAN researched and developed by VinCSS

VinCSS has received many positive feedbacks from service users after more than 02 years of researching, developing and implementing solutions and systems in VinCSS FIDO2 ecosystem for customers.

Typically, during the recent pandemic, one of the company’s customers, a large enterprise based in Việt Nam, the US and Canada, had to deploy a work-from-home (WFH) model for nearly 2,000 employees.

However, this requires the company to allow all its employees to use virtual private network (VPN) to get access to the internal network, which poses a great risk of being hacked when an employee's VPN account is taken over by a hacker who can then easily access the company’s internal network.

VinCSS advised the customer to integrate powerful authentication capabilities into its VPN services.  Instead of remembering and entering many layers of passwords/OTPs, all an employee needs to do is to use his phones to scan QR codes and fingerprints to log in to the VPN services.

This significantly reduced the workload of the customer’s IT Department in supporting VPN password-related issues. IT Department has solved security concerns about password-related threats due to work-from-home mode such as easy-to-guess passwords, leaked passwords, employees being tricked into providing passwords, and hackers accessing internal networks in the name of authorized employees.

Mastering the technology and self-developing the entire FIDO2 ecosystem enable VinCSS to provide personalized demand-based solutions to each enterprise with a commitment to bringing efficiency in cost reduction, operation optimization, ease of use and safety in the first 2 months of implementation.

Researched and developed by a team of Vietnamese experts, VinCSS FIDO2 passwordless powerful authentication ecosystem is proud to bring world-class technology to domestic and international enterprises.

Box: “VinCSS is an official member of the FIDO (“Fast Identity Online”) Alliance. Since 2020, the Company has announced its VinCSS FIDO2 Ecosystem including different types of keys (hard key/soft key), on-premise FIDO2 authentication solution and cloud-based centralized authentication solution for enterprises.

Additionally, VinCSS develops programming libraries and utilities to help enterprises easily access and integrate FIDO2 technology. VinCSS also provides consulting and supporting services besides products that integrate FIDO2 technology (smartphones, smart cars and IoT devices).

VinCSS FIDO2 has four international FIDO2 certificates. VinCSS has one product recommended by Microsoft for use on the Azure AD platform, and the company was selected as a Microsoft 2020 Identity Partner.