Phu Quoc leads the way in tourism recovery

December 03, 2021 - 19:24
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world's tourism industry to create "new rules of the game” with the rapid emergence of touchless-one-touch tourism, wellness tourism and single-destination multi-experience travel.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world's tourism industry to create "new rules of the game” with the rapid emergence of touchless-one-touch tourism, wellness tourism and single-destination multi-experience travel.

Many destinations have achieved breakthroughs with such trends. Phu Quoc is a typical example in Vietnam. The island city is not only catching up with the times but also leading all three of these trends.

Reach Phu Quoc with “touchless – one touch” application

Touchless travel is a leading trend using technology to minimize contact between people and objects. Accordingly, almost all steps from airport check-in, customs declaration, ticket purchase and payment to hotel check-in, service use and experiences are automated to protect travellers against the risk of Covid-19 infection.

New World Phu Quoc Resort staff attending the training in touchless – one-touch applications

Sun Group - a major corporation investing in South Phu Quoc - revealed their partnership with major international partners such as Marriott International, Accor Hotels or Rosewood Hotels to speed up the application of touchless technologies to upgrade customer experience at their four hotels: JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, New World Phu Quoc Resort, Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort and Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay.

JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay has applied the Marriott Mobile Digital application and set up self-service kiosks for customers with contactless needs.

The urgent digitization of services by leading tourism complexes in Phu Quoc not only meets the demand for safe tourism but also creates a new concept in luxury tourism.

Vu Thanh Thuy, deputy CEO at Sun Hospitality Group, said: “Technology will gradually bring customers personalized and automated experiences, even enabling them to enjoy a private contactless vacation, with each of their habits and behaviors still clearly understood.”

Pearl Island (Đảo Ngọc) - the wellness tourism paradise

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people around the world now appreciate and seek health-related travel experiences. As forecast by the World Tourism Organization, wellness tourism will be a strong and long-term growth trend in the post-Covid-19 period.

A study by the Global Wellness Academy showed that Vietnam ranks eighth among countries with the largest number of wellness visitors, of which Phu Quoc is an outstanding destination.

Meditation experience on Kem Beach, Phu Quoc.

Indeed, there are few islands like Phu Quoc. The island has the most beautiful beaches on the planet, primeval forests and colorful coral reefs, which create the tropical paradise named Pearl Island, where visitors can immerse themselves in the fresh nature and practice the healthy life philosophy.

Phu Quoc is also a wellness resort destination. Especially in the South of the Island, visitors not only experience a green lifestyle in the midst of nature, but also enjoy a system of luxurious health care services from famous resorts such as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort, or the most recently opened New World Phu Quoc Resort.

Illustration of Sun Tropical Village project.

But perhaps, a typical example of the wellness lifestyle that is being set in Phu Quoc is the newly launched super luxury Sun Tropical Village real estate project in the South of the Island. The project enables its owners to enjoy a living space between three floors of nature and a wide range of comprehensive health care facilities comparable to the world's most luxurious resorts.

Moreover, there are wellness experiences introduced for the first time in Phu Quoc such as bathing and sauna or practicing yoga in the middle of the forests, jogging on tree-lined paths, or meditating in wooden treehouses in the middle of the nature. These are the reasons investors have not regretted putting in huge cash to own luxury wellness real estate projects on Pearl Island while tourists are eagerly waiting for their arrival in Phu Quoc to see with their own eyes and enjoy these three green floors.

Single-destination multi-experience travel

Travel habits have been and will continue to changed due to Covid-19. Many people will avoid crowded destinations and find isolated ones with open space instead. Tourists will tend to choose a destination that has everything they are looking for in their trips, rather than moving to many places. Phu Quoc, of course, is capable of responding to these changes.

As an isolated island city, Phu Quoc is said to be easy to control and create a safe zone on in an epidemic. More importantly, Pearl Island, especially the South Island area, has a top-notch resort-entertainment tourism ecosystem that can meet all the needs of visitors.

If what you need is a luxury space with top services, such resorts as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, New Word Phu Quoc Resort or Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort will be an ideal choice.

“Mediterranean Town” in Phu Quoc.

The resorts are only a few minutes from the "Mediterranean Town", a new and popular check-in point in Phu Quoc inspired by the ancient Italian town of Amalfi. If you want more experiences from your journey, Hon Thom cable car, Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park or Aquatopia Water Park at Hon Thom will make your trips extremely exciting.

Moreover, visitors can also enjoy local cultural and natural tourism experiences such as trekking in the primeval forest, camping on the beach, visiting Phu Quoc Prison, night squid fishing on the sea, walking in the sea, diving to see coral or going on a four-island tour.

A new theme park at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park.

Phu Quoc piloted welcoming international tourists from November 20, 2021, and the island is speeding up the completion of many new tourism products such as the theme park at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park or the world-class Convention Center in Mediterranean Town designed by the famous architect Bill Bensley for their official launch in the New Year.

The tourism industry cannot stay closed forever despite the development of the Covid-19 pandemic. The industry needs reforms, revolutions and even to redraw the world travel map. Phu Quoc tourism is changing drastically, anticipating the trend and taking the lead.