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KTG Energy and Longi signed co-operation agreement at "Vietnam Clean Energy Forum"

Update: December, 28/2020 - 10:52

Mr. Dang Trong Ngon - Chairman of KTG

To control the situation and stabilise the supply of Photovoltaic panels (PV panels) in Vietnam, on the morning of 23/12/2020 at the Vietnam Clean Energy Forum held in HCM City, KTG Energy and Longi officially signed a cooperation agreement on PV panel distribution.

KTG Energy and Longi said that it’s a great honour to join the forum, and have government officials together with more than 200 forum participants as witnesses at the signing ceremony.

Mr. Dang Trong Ngon - Chairman of KTG - said: "This signing ceremony is one of KTG Energy’s remarkable milestones as a distributor in the renewable energy sector. We are proud of this cooperation agreement with Longi, the world's No. 1 manufacturer of PV panels, rated AAA by the prestigious financial institution Bloomberg. This significant partnership will contribute to the renewable energy strategy of Vietnam; make high quality products and materials accessible to all investors, EPC contractors and customers, and accordingly, improve power generation efficiency and investment effectiveness."

Following the signing ceremony, KTG Energy officially became the authorised distributor of all PV panel product lines of Longi in Việt Nam and will have access to the latest technology and products of Longi in the future.

KTG is a corporation with 26-year experience in the electrical industry, owning two brands of AC and Comet in civil and household electricity sectors and nationwide distribution networks. Through this cooperation, KTG Energy can confidently inherit and take KTG’s advantages to distribute quality PV panel products and guarantee PV panel supply in Việt Nam.

KTG Energy is also seeking partnership with reputable EPC contractors and will commit sufficient material inventory, expeditious supply of authentic products and financial support to assist its contractors and investors to complete their projects in time.

Mr. Phan Thanh Trung - CEO of KTG Energy - said: "This signing ceremony is a significant step for KTG Energy and Longi to promote our strengths and positions in the coming years. It’s also a breath of fresh air in Việt Nam’s PV panel market".

Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Van, Longi representative and Mr. Phan Thanh Trung, CEO of KTG Energy, signed the cooperation agreement

Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Van, Longi representative, said about the contractual cooperation: "Strongly believing in KTG’s financial potentials and distribution networks, we decided to partner." 

She also believes this agreement will lay a solid foundation for Longi and KTG Energy to expand PV panel distribution in the country, leading to wider and deeper collaboration and mutual development.

"Longi commits to facilitate KTG Energy’s access and distribution of Longi's latest PV panel products in an optimal manner," she emphasised.

The partnership between KTG Energy and Longi, which is based on each party’s own unique strengths, aims to support, supplement and promote competitive advantages of each other in Việt Nam’s PV panel market. This is KTG’s one steady step in actively finding solutions for solar power material supply and stabilising the market in the coming years.

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