Lục Nam pineapple considered specialty of Bắc Giang Province

May 07, 2024 - 08:51
High in fibre, packed with Vitamin C and beautiful to look at, how the pineapple lands of Bắc Giang Province are proving a draw for foodies and photographers

Thu Hà

Lục Nam District’s pineapple is a great specialty of Bắc Giang Province, along with custard and lychee.

The district is now considered a 'metropolis' for this particular fruit in Việt Nam’s northern region, with visitors and guests to the province lured to the sweet and very fragrant pineapple, said local Vi Văn Thùy, who has more than 20 years of experience in growing the fruit.

Bắc Giang Province's Lục Nam pineapple is sweeter and more fragrant than in other regions. — Photo hoaqua.org

Asked why it is so tasty and delicious, Thùy said the fruits have been specially cultivated to VietGAP (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices) standards so it produces fruit with unforgettable flavours, adding that the produce brings stable monthly income for Lục Nam people.

Thanks to the strict application of VietGAP production techniques, such as using non-diseased seeds and precisely matched fertiliser, every year his family has a good season.

“We earn a profit of VNĐ200,000 a year,” he said.

Lục Nam's Bảo Sơn Village's vast pineapple lands are an ideal destination for guests to experience. — Photo ivivu.com

He explained that after cutting just ripe fruits, farmers arrange the crop into a small corrugated iron tank and push the harvest down from the hills.

“In the past, we worked very hard carrying the pineapples but since using the tank, it helps us to transport the fruit safely and easily,” Thùy said.

Chu Văn Hợp, deputy chairman of Lục Nam District’s Bảo Sơn Village where the immensely beautiful hilly pineapple lands are situated, said the fruit has now confirmed the special status of the village.

A tasty plate of squid fried with pineapple is among many dishes cooked with pineapple. — Photo dienmayxanh.com

“Our fruit has been recognised OCOP (One Commune, One Product) and has been voted among specialties of Bắc Giang Province,” Hợp said.

Hoàng Anh Thái, a tourist from Hà Nội, said the pineapple lands are now a genuine and attractive tourism site, with the golden fruits and its deep green leaves blending under the blue of the sky and the yellow of sunshine.

“It adds up to create a great beautiful landscape for all visitors, travelers and in particular freelance photographers,” said Thái.

The ideal time to visit the fields is from early July to the middle of August. It is then, said Thái, when you can immerse yourself in the fields and fully enjoy the fragrant sweetness of the fruit, all at an affordable price.

Braised Siamese mud carp with pineapple is also a favourite dish of many foodies. — Photo dienmayxanh.com

Herbalist Bùi Hồng Minh adds that pineapple is also rich in vitamins, in particular Vitamin C and is also high in fibre, so has countless health benefits.

It helps to protect the heart, is good for osteoarthritis and can help improve immunity, Minh said, noting however, that one should not eat too much pineapple all at once due to its high acidity, when the fruit may cause stomach ache.

Minh said the fruits can be cooked into many dishes, including pineapple fried with squid and cucumber, braised Siamese mud carp with pineapple and an apricot-shaped cake with pineapple dumplings... along with many others.

He said: “What I like most is pineapple fried with squid and cucumber, because I enjoy the sweetness and form of the squid, without any fishing smell, the sour and sweet taste from pineapple and a freshness from cucumber.

"It’s more enjoyable when dipping it in a sauce mixed with quality fish sauce, chili, garlic and pepper.” — VNS