Dak Lak

Renewable energy sources not fully tapped: experts

The potential of renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar power, is one of the keys to Việt Nam's energy transformation towards carbon neutrality, but the unresponsive transmission network is wasting the capacity of billions of kWh of electricity.

Vietnamese durian enters China via official channels

Vietnamese durian will be allowed to officially be exported to China after the protocol is publicised.  Earlier, dragon fruit, watermelon, lychee, longan, banana, mango, jackfruit, rambutan, mangosteen and passion fruit from Việt Nam were also allowed to be shipped to China via official channels.

Care and treatment crucial to overcome postpartum depression

While any mother can experience postpartum depression, a large number of cases went undiagnosed until they turned severe. Doctors recommend that families should pay attention, provide care and seek prompt treatment to help mothers make a full recovery from the disorder.

Africa a lucrative market for Vietnamese food

Statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Trade revealed that Việt Nam exported US$2.24 billion worth of goods to Africa in 2021, up 20.4 per cent year-on-year. The country's exports to the bloc in the first five months of 2022 saw a modest yearly decline of 3 per cent to $1.15 billion.