HCM City Photographic Association
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Nude photography exhibition breaks boundaries

Featuring 102 photos captured by award-winning photographer Thái Phiên, who has spent 27 years behind the lens. The exhibition is also the first of its kind in Hồ Chí Minh City as it features nudes prints on black rocks.

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Festival celebrates VN-France ties

The Festival Việt – Pháp (Việt Nam- France Festival) will be held at IDECAF in HCM City tomorrow as part of the city’s cultural activities to celebrate 45 years of diplomatic relations between Việt Nam and France. 

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HOPA opens Fairytale Land photo exhibition

The HCM City Photographic Association (HOPA) will officially open its first nude photo exhibition entitled Miền Cổ Tích (Fairytale Land) featuring beautiful artworks by veteran photographer Thái Phiên on June 16.