Traditional taxis make a comeback

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent increase in the price of gasoline, many people have re-opted for traditional taxis because it is increasingly difficult to book ride-share cars, and the fares have risen sharply.

HoSE, HNX see many enterprises leave the market

Most of the delisting cases on HoSE and HNX were due to losses fore three consecutive years, the auditor's refusal to give an opinion, or the financial statements of three consecutive years with qualified options.

Nuclear power might be the answer to clean energy demand

Trần Chí Thành, President of the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute under the Ministry of Science and Technology, spoke to Việt Nam News about the proposal of developing nuclear power over the coming decades to ensure national energy security and meet the ‘net zero emission’ goal.


Financial risks: agile and flexible response needed

Analyst’s Pick: To cope with constant changes in the global economy and unpredictable events as well as to improve the resilience of the financial market, we need to balance the short-term need for agility and flexibility and the long-term need for stability.