Kamil looks for knockout win in trilogy bout with 70kg champion Lộc

June 01, 2023 - 08:14
It will be the third time Lộc and Kamil have met in the cage, with Lộc 2-0 up. He is the men's 70kg champion, while Kamil is the number one contender. 

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Kamil Michal Nguyễn Văn (above) trapping Nghiêm Tùng Lâm's neck in a guillotine choke that forced the tap last April. Kamil will face Trần Quang Lộc in the men's 70kg match on June 3 in Hà Nội. Photos hanoionline.vn

HÀ NỘI — This weekend's trilogy bout between Trần Quang Lộc and Kamil Michal Nguyễn Văn is the main event at Lion Championship 6 (LC6), and Kamil is looking to tilt the scales in his favour with a knockout win in Hà Nội.

It will be the third time Lộc and Kamil have met in the cage, with Lộc 2-0 up. He is the men's 70kg champion, while Kamil is the number one contender. 

Lộc has dominated national competitions for years. He defeated Kamil in the Mekong Fighting Championship in 2018, when Kamil was a new face on the scene.

In last year's final, Lộc won again, though many saw the judges' scorecards of 50-45, 48-46, and 48-47 as controversial. 

Before this Saturday's match, both Kamil and Lộc won at CL4 in April.

Kamil quickly defeated his Nghiêm Tùng Lâm with a guillotine submission in the first round. Meanwhile, Lộc easily took Chinese Li Xiao Long down with a technical knockout.

Speaking about the previous final, Kamil believed he was a better fighter in that match and deserved to take the belt.

"I thought that I should be the winner last year. I landed more kicks and combinations," said Kamil. "But the results were not always what I wanted, so I accepted and prepared best for the next matches."


Trần Quang Lộc ground-and-pounds Li Xiao Long in the CL4 match. Lộc is defending champion of the men's 70kg class. — Photo hanoionline.vn

"Maybe in the upcoming rematch I can finish my opponent with a KO, no need for judges' decision."

There will be 15 matches across different weight categories at the Tây Hồ District Gymnasium. Class B fighters will fight in nine matches in the afternoon, while five class A bouts will be organised in the evening.

Trần Ngọc Lượng will also be back in the cage to fight Lại Thế Toàn in the men's 60kg class.

Lượng won a controversial decision against Brazilian Robson Oliveira at CL4. He was pushed to class A after the win, but the organisers decided to run it back between Lượng and Oliveira in the future. 

While Lượng is a new face of the sport, his rival Toàn is No 10 in the 60kg class ranking. 

Asian sanshou champion Đinh Văn Hương is also back in action after he rested last year after two wins because of an injured hand.

The No 7-ranked athlete will face veteran Muay Thai fighter Trần Trọng Kim, who knocked out Đặng Văn Quý at the LC4 in the men's 56kg. 

In class B, matches to watch are between Bianaka Balajti vs Lê Nguyễn Khánh Linh (women's 56kg), Trịnh Văn Tú vs Phan Trọng Quý (men's 56kg) and Trần Hoàng Dương vs Đinh Quốc Dũng (men's 60kg). 

All matches will be broadcast live on VTVcab channels and the app ON Sports. VNS