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Việt Nam gears towards digital government and economy

Update: November, 25/2020 - 08:16


Deputy director general of Việt Nam Social Security Phạm Lương Sơn. Photo

Phạm Lương Sơn, deputy director general of Việt Nam Social Security, talks to Việt Nam News Agency about the country's efforts to develop a digital Government and economy.

What will Việt Nam Social Security do to create a digital eco-system to meet the Government’s requirements?

We have focused our efforts on the Việt Nam Social Security (VssID) application. With VssID, users can communicate, update information and use Việt Nam Social Security’s public services easily and conveniently through their smartphones. This application can be used as a replacement for health insurance cards.

We are also looking at four different areas as follows.

First, to ensure the smooth management of national insurance data – one of the six sets of national data the Government has assigned Việt Nam Social Security (VSS) to develop and operate. In addition, we have been assigned with the task of ensuring the smooth running of the VSS nationwide.

Second, to constantly update information on the national system to help all agencies to share data and offer services to the general public, particularly in the field of social security.

Third, we have already developed a plan to complete a software system to serve the people quicker and better.

Fourth, we’ll continue to develop an eco-system, including the development of the VssID app for smartphones. We hope when the system is available, it will bring a lot of benefits to the general public and enterprises in the fields of social security and health insurance.

In addition, the VSS will co-operate with the Government to embed e-government as an important component of the VSS system.

What benefits does the VssID offer users?

With the VssID, users can communicate, update information and use Việt Nam Social Security’s public services easily and conveniently through their smartphones. This application can be used as a replacement for health insurance cards. Users' identity information on the VssID has legal validity and can authenticate insurance payments when they use Việt Nam Social Security’s public services.

During the trial period, all users  have to fill in a form and send their photos to the Social Insurance Office for verification. Right now we are working with the Việt Nam Post Office and concerned agencies to arrange online application forms for people to fill in remotely.

Some people have expressed their concerns about the security of their personal information. How do you respond to that?

Before launching the VssID application, we have tested it on certain groups of people. Any Vietnamese citizen who wants to use the VssID needs is to have an e-transaction account with the Social Insurance Office. All the information is strictly confidential and we have adopted the highest technical security to ensure the system is strictly protected through the use of OTP (One Time Passwords). Furthermore, when the VssID is installed on a smartphone only the owner of that smartphone can update their personal information. _VNS


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