Pick-up truck enthusiasts carry hope to disadvantaged

April 26, 2022 - 10:12

Recently, members of Khánh Hoà Pick-up Truck Club have made trips to help the province's disadvantaged during the pandemic, as well as building playgrounds for children in remote areas.


Nguyễn Thành Luân, Khánh Hòa Pick-up Truck Club leader playing with kids at Anh Đào Kindergarten. — Photo tienphong.vn

KHÁNH HÒA — Recently, members of Khánh Hòa Pick-up Truck Club have made several trips to help the south-central province's disadvantaged, as well as building playgrounds for children in remote areas.

The group's most recent programme is "Playgrounds for children" in Anh Đào Kindergarten in Khánh Sơn District, Khánh Hòa City. Anh Đào's students are mostly ethnic minorities, and the kindergarten does not have a playground.

Khánh Hòa Pick-up Truck Club's leaders decided to call for the support of benefactors and then contact the school to donate playground equipment such as slides, seesaws and swings.

"We were on a picnic when we saw many children asking for beer cans and water bottles to sell for living expenses," Nguyễn Thành Luân, club leader, said.

"We bought gifts to give to the children, and after that we realised there were still many young lives out there that needed our help. We love children, and we felt the difficulties that the children we met were facing. We decided to organise charity programmes to support the children to have a better life.” 

Members of the Khánh Hòa Pick-up Truck Club also organised many other activities, such as Mid-Autumn Festival for poor children in Bác Ái, Ninh Thuận, Khánh Sơn and Khánh Vinh districts in Khánh Hòa.

The club also donates clothes and books to students in areas affected by storms and floods and donates bicycles to students in mountainous areas.

During the fourth wave of COVID-19, the club called on sponsors in Lâm Đồng Province to support and transport necessities to people in the blocked area in Khánh Hòa.

In July 2021, the club coordinated with Khánh Hòa Provincial Youth Union to transport rice to isolation areas; and donated masks and hand sanitisers to two localities heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: Vạn Ninh District and Ninh Hòa Town.

During the trips, some members of the club were infected with COVID. After recovery, they immediately returned to delivering necessities to people in need during the pandemic.

"We thought: If we stop, how can we deliver goods to people in need?" said Trương Mai Hải Băng, a member of the club. "We encouraged each other to carry on supporting people during the pandemic."

Phạm Ngọc Hải, deputy secretary of the Khánh Hòa Youth Union, said: "Members of Khánh Hòa Pick-up Truck Club are always very enthusiastic and active with volunteer activities."

"Every time the provincial Youth Union has an activity, the club is always ready to rearrange work to give its best support. Hopefully, this spirit will be spread in the community." — VNS