Coast guard soldiers take on missions at sea over Tết

January 31, 2022 - 09:00
Vietnamese coast guard ships have headed out to sea, carrying the love from people on the mainland.


Tết gift sent to the Coast Guard Region No.3. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — Vietnamese coast guard ships have headed out to sea, carrying the love of people on the mainland. Coast guard ship CSB 4031 of the Coast Guard Region No.3 received the task of patrolling the sea during the Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday.

During Tết, naval soldiers are celebrating the holiday in the middle of the ocean with the responsibility of protecting the sea and islands.

In the coming days before Tết, when everyone is preparing to return home to reunite with their families, the coast guard soldiers have boarded the ship to patrol the sea, Voice of Vietnam (VOV) online newspaper reports.

The Coast Guard Region No.3 performs tasks at sea from Cù Lao Xanh, the central coastal province of Bình Định, to the northern shore of Định An estuary, the southern province of Trà Vinh.

The soldiers had a New Year party early prepared by the commanders as they started a long patrolling journey at sea.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lieutenant Nguyễn Sỹ Thành, an information officer of the CSB 4031 ship, had to be on duty on the ship for the past two years, not returning to visit his family.

His daughter was being treated at the Hà Nội's National Children's Hospital, but he still volunteered to join the sea patrol during Tết.

He said that in 14 years of working with the Coast Guard force, he has celebrated New Year's Eve six times at sea, hundreds of miles away from the mainland.

"Every time I receive a mission during Tết, it gives me a lot of proud feelings,” Thành, 29, said.

"Due to the pandemic, I told my children that to wait for me to complete the Tết mission, I will return with family. I miss my parents, wife and children in my hometown of Hưng Yên. I also encourage my wife to take care of the children and grandparents at home, to have a warm Tết."

To bring a cosy atmosphere in the spring days and to help soldiers feel homesick, the Tết preparations were done thoughtfully with food such as chưng cake, spring rolls, and five-fruit trays, as well as apricot and peach branches to help them feel the spring atmosphere at sea.

For young soldiers on a mission during the Tết holiday for the first time, the feeling is even more special.

Lieutenant Nguyễn Ngọc Thương said: "Performing the mission is very important but our young soldiers always encourage and care for each other.

"Preparation for Tết on the ship is very busy, making us feel nostalgic and immersed in the atmosphere so that we can have fun and work together with our teammates."

The soldiers of the CSB 4031 ship also received spiritual encouragement from the commanders. Two Major Generals,  Bùi Quốc Oai from the Việt Nam Coast Guard Command, and Đồ Hồng Đó from the Command of the Coast Guard Region No.3 visited to the ship to congratulate and encourage officers and soldiers before they went to sea.

The commanders said they wished that the crew would remain united and determined to overcome difficulties, help each other to fulfil their tasks, and always be ready to fight crime at sea.

Major General Bùi Quốc Oai said: "The commanders have asked the patrol ships to prepare pandemic prevention on ship and participate in patrol at sea." — VNS