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Urban areas can’t be isolated places

Update: December, 17/2019 - 08:49
Phạm Thanh Tùng.

Architect Phạm Thanh Tùng, Chief of the Việt Nam Real Estate Association, talks to the publication Bất động sản Việt Nam (Real Estate) on Việt Nam’s trend of green architecture

What do you think about the new concept of eco-urban areas in Việt Nam?

The development of green buildings has become a trend in Việt Nam and in the world. People living in new residential areas are happy with their comfortable living conditions.

However, all green projects face two problems. First, their blueprints or designs are different from how the turn out. When carrying out the project, many project owners adjust their green-space areas and public utility areas.

Second, most new urban areas don’t have a public transport system to facilitate the movement of residents, particularly young people. Though we have talked a lot about green building projects or good projects in Việt Nam, in reality they have not met all the requirements for a green project – particularly connection requirements.

Besides, a public place in a green building project should have a space for local residents to communicate with each other.

Do real estate developers in Việt Nam need more time to adjust to meet real life requirements?

As banks tighten credit procedures and vacant land areas become smaller and smaller, yet demand for more living space become bigger, real estate developers will, no doubt, increase the price of their apartments. And no doubt, the real estate sector in the country will face a crisis.

Maybe in the future, residents might decide to go back to the old city centres to enjoy better education for their children and their health services, as in new residential areas, social infrastructure is still poor.

Should real estate development go alongside urban development?

I’m afraid to say that since the booming of the real estate market, there is no common voice on the inter-connection within urban areas among urban developers. All they care about is their profits.

According to the Government’s planning, five urban satellite areas should attract more people from Hà Nội’s inner city. Yet, due to poor infrastructure in new urban areas, not many people want to go and live there.

It has been reported that Hà Nội authorities will further tighten rules on the city’s planning activity. Do you think they can do that?

It is high time for Hà Nội authorities to review the land area in the city’s urban planning. As land is both property and real estate and now we live in a society ruled by law, whatever we do we have to make sure it doesn't run counter to the law.

Last, all planning activities must be posted publicly for the people to read and comment on. I’m pretty sure that if we will follow required procedures,  everything will go smoothly. — VNS



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