Singapore Proptech Company Ohmyhome Officially Launches The First End-to-End Property Services in Philippines

September 21, 2020 - 09:40
Singapore Proptech Company Ohmyhome Officially Launches The First End-to-End Property Services in Philippines

SINGAPORE - MediaOutReach - 22 September 2020 - Ohmyhome, theSingapore-based unique one-stop proptech solution to property needs inSoutheast Asia, today announced their official launch in the Philippines, theirthird location after Singapore and Malaysia. The proptech company will beserving Philippines housing transactions with its full suite of end-to-endproperty services, from professional real estate agents and mortgage torenovation and more.


Operating on a hybridmodel that combines the best qualities of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) platform andfully-fledged agency services, the proptech company is tackling traditionalproperty pain points that are rampant in the Philippines real estate industrysuch as the lack of transparency, unreliable agents, slow feedback, andfragmented property services.


The expansion bringsseveral benefits for Singapore property buyers and investors. It opens up anew, trusted, and reliable avenue for sourcing real estate investments in thePhilippines. Conversely, with the Singapore listings accessible to househunters in Philippines, Singaporean homeowners and landlords will be able toreach potential tenants and kickstart negotiations earlier.


Philippines' Untapped Potential

Ohmyhome brings theircomprehensive suite of services to the rapidly-growing Philippines market. Theburgeoning property market in the Philippines holds great potential but itsnascent development also means that there are areas for improvement. WithOhmyhome's best-in-class property solutions and proven track record, expansioninto the Philippines market is the next logical step to growing its presence inthe region.


The proptech companyhas spent the last nine months building up its capabilities to ensure a smoothlaunch in the Philippines. It targets to have 2,000 listings and 80 propertiestransacted in the first quarter of its launch. 


"We believe that thePhilippines property market will remain resilient as there is a huge unmetdemand for housing and investors are still interested in property for long-terminvestments. When Community Quarantine measures are lifted in the Philippines,we expect to see a surge in property deals arising from pent-up demand frombuyers." shared Rhonda Wong, CEO andco-Founder of Ohmyhome.


"Furthermore, we areconfident that users will find our unique features like our proprietaryalgorithm that efficiently matches buyers and sellers, reducing the timerequired for manual searching a welcome change in the property transactionspace," she added.


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