Everlight starts strategic transformation and dedicates in ASEAN's B2B market

September 21, 2020 - 05:06
Everlight starts strategic transformation and dedicates in ASEAN's B2B market

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 21 September 2020 - Afteryears of efforts in developing ASEAN countries, Everlight recently has a newapproach for these important markets. With the assistance from Green TradeProject Office (GTPO), Taiwan External Trade Development Council and IndustrialTechnology Research Institute(ITRI), Everlight starts new business strategy bydedicating in the niche market of B2B turnkey solution export instead of tyinghands in low-priced channels such as hypermarkets and plumber shops. By doingso, Everlight has gained positive feedbacks from local Taiwanese businesses inASEAN.

LED Smart Lighting Pilot Project in Poland by Everlight


Everlight Senior Director Richard Hsu said Everlight was oneof the first Taiwanese LED companies that entered ASEAN nations. The challengesencountered in the local markets include low price level and lack of rigoroussafety certification, which brought disadvantages to quality-focused companies.


Garment manufacturer in Laos installed Everlight'ssolutions and became itsspokesperson


Everlight consultant William Kuo thus decided to take onstrategic transformation and shifted its focus from the channel markets of Thailandand Indonesia to B2B and government procurement projects. Businessopportunities soon cropped up in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Onesuccessful example was that Everlight joined ITRI's trade promotion delegationand visited Laos, where infrastructure is incomplete and is in desperate needof Everlight's solutions. Everlight was also able to locate many Taiwanese'invisible champions' in Laos that adopt Everlight's solutions.


For example, Lin Chung-I, Taiwan's Overseas Chinese AffairsCommissioner in Vientiane, introduced Everlight products to a local Taiwanesegarment manufacturer that is an OEM of a US fashion brand. The garmentmanufacturer soon asked quotation from Everlight and proceeded with in-factoryLED lighting replacement plan. LED lighting's advantages are power saving by50-60%, and the garment's quality improvement to better meet the requirementsof US customers.

Small- and medium-sized invisible champions have needsfor LED lighting


It's been two years after the garment manufacturer replacedall its production line lighting. The obvious power-saving efficiency has madethe owner become the spokesperson and distributer for Everlight in Laos andalso introduced LED lighting to many Taiwanese businesses.


In addition to Laos, Everlight also discovered whole-newbusiness opportunities in Indonesia. The largest textile manufacturer in localJakarta area originally commissioned an ESCO system integrator to replacelighting and air condition system in production lines. Owing to high costs, theowner decided to install LED lighting first. They came to Everlight for theproject.


Everlight smart street lighting solution is included inJakarta's government procurement supplier list


The textile makers's LED lighting is Everlight's first bigproject in Indonesia. Since then, Everlight developed customer base with thehelp of local distributors. So far Everlight has accomplished several B2Bprojects. In Bali, a dozen of resorts have adopted Everlight's LED lightingsystem. One important breakthrough was at the end of 2019 when Everlight wassuccessfully recognized by the government and included in the E-Catalog, thegovernment procurement supplier list of Jakarta metropolitan area.


In Vietnam, also under the help of MOEA and ITRI, Everlightwas able to replace smart lighting system for a local official standard andcertification bureau. Everlight exchanged all traditional street lighting intoLED ones in the campus of the bureau, and added IoT transmission system so thateach street lamp can be monitored, tuned, and assigned for preventivemaintenance in the controlled center.


Everlight's strategy in the ASEAN market is to establish astrong foothold and continue to establish sound brand image for Taiwan.