Prudential and PAI Health enter partnership to deliver a new way to measure physical activity on digital health app, Pulse

July 27, 2020 - 08:55
Prudential and PAI Health enter partnership to deliver a new way to measure physical activity on digital health app, Pulse

Prudential enhances customer offerings and engagement by introducing the science-backed Personal Activity Intelligence score across 11 Asian markets


HONG KONG, CHINA and VANCOUVER, CANADA - Media OutReach - 28 July 2020- Prudential Corporation Asia (Prudential)and PAI Health todayannounced that PAI Health's science-backed activity metric for heart health,known as Personal Activity Intelligence, will be featured in the Pulse byPrudential (Pulse) digital health app, the first of its kind to offer holistichealth management to consumers in Asia.

PAI Health services will be available toPulse users across 11 markets in Asia. PAIadds to a growing suite of services on Pulse, which provides access to healthand wellness tools and real-time information to consumers across the region.Since the launch of Pulse in August last year, the app has already beendownloaded over 6.5 million times.

Mr. Nic Nicandrou, Chief Executive of PrudentialCorporation Asia, said, "It has never been a more important time than now tohelp people build health resilience and boost immunity by adopting a moreactive lifestyle. Through Pulse, we are committed to providing leadingtechnology, content and services to help people live healthier lives. We are excited to add PAI Health's programmeto our platform and provide new actionable heart health insights to users, so wecan help them live healthy and well, for longer."

The collaboration will allow Pulse users tobenefit from a ground-breaking new activity score and health programme that guidespeople to better health, by quantifying the exact level of physical activityeach person needs to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality. Derived fromone of the most comprehensive health studies (the HUNT Study), and recentlyvalidated with a large US population of over 56,000 participants, maintaining aPAI score of 100 or more has been associated with a reduction of mortality riskfrom cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle diseases by an average of 25%,with the potential to extend people's lives by an average of five years.

Users require a compatible heart monitorwearable to enable the PAI feature in the Pulse app. The PAI feature is device-agnostic,meaning it can be used with any leading wearable brands including Apple, Garminand Fitbit devices. Users can set and achieve healthgoals, track physical and nutrition activities, receive feedback, coaching andguidance on their health and fitness, as well as access useful content andinsights. For those without an existing device, Huami, a healthcare servicestechnology company and world-leading maker of smart wearables, will be a featured partner enabling customers to purchase theiraffordable Amazfit devices directly via the Pulse app

"PAI is becoming the new health standard for physical activity,addressing the global health problem of inactivity that has reached concerning proportions,"says Sally Powell, General Manager of PAI Health. "Given that PAI is soinclusive, being suited to all fitness levels and recognising all forms ofphysical activity, we are delighted that Prudential will be introducing PAI inthe Pulse app. This will motivate millions of users to become more active witha potential to make profound improvements in public health."

About Pulse by Prudential

Pulse by Prudential is a digital health app and the firstof its kind in the region to offer holistic health management to consumers.Using AI-powered self-help tools and real-time information, the app serves as a24/7 health and wellness partner to users, helping them prevent, postpone, andprotect against the onset of diseases. Pulse is part of Prudential's region-wide strategy to provide affordableand accessible healthcare to everyone across Asia by leveraging digitaltechnologies and best-in-class partnerships. 

Following the regional launch of Pulse in Malaysia inAugust 2019, Pulse is now available in a total of 11 markets across the regionand includes a growing suite of value-add services, such as a symptom checkerand health assessment, personal wellness services, and video consultations withcertified doctors and specialists.

Sinceits launch, Pulse has been downloaded more than 6 million times in Asia todate. Pulse is currently available on the Apple/Google Play stores in Cambodia,Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore,Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Formore information, and to download Pulse, log on to

About PAIHealth

PAI Health allows organizations to assess, monitor andguide their people to better health, providing individuals with motivationalguidance on personalized recommended physical activity levels. Our mission isto optimize anyone's path to better health by making the science-backedPersonal Activity Intelligence (PAI) metric a global health standard throughpartnerships with insurers, employee wellness programs, technology platforms,health care providers and other industry partners. For moreinformation, please visit


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