China Dongxiang Appoints Huang Zitao as Kappa’s Brand Ambassador

August 07, 2019 - 07:44
China Dongxiang Appoints Huang Zitao as Kappa’s Brand Ambassador

Launches “I Make My Own Trend” Branding Campaign


HONG KONG, CHINA - MediaOutReach - 7 August 2019 - The leading international sportswearbrand enterprise in the PRC, ChinaDongxiang (Group) Co., Ltd. ("China Dongxiang" or "theCompany", together with its subsidiaries, "the Group", HKExstock code: 3818) is pleased to announce thatit has appointed Huang Zitao, a well-known celebrity and fashion icon in China,as its brand ambassador for Kappa, an internationally renowned fashion sportswear brand. Kappa will collaboratewith Huang Zitao to launch a branding campaign "I make my own trend",calling for more like-minded trendsetters to create and witness unlimited possibilities of the future together.

Firstestablished in 1916, Kappa was born with a strong fashion DNA. After years of continuous innovation, Kappa has become one of the most renowned fashionsportswear brands in the world. In recent years, Kappa has devoted todeveloping creative ideas from classics. Combined with current disruptive design trends, Kappa has launched a series of hottest product lines, such as BANDA, KOMBAT, WMNS, reshaping the definition of fashion. Inheriting from its historic brand character, Kappa kept breaking its boundary and crossing-over with different industry players and brands tocreate numerous irreplaceable retro classic products, explodingin popularity and bringing new innovation to the retro sports trend.

The partnership between Kappa and Huang Zitao perfectly showcases Kappa's brand characteristics of "Self, Color, Sports". As a popular C-POP singer and songwriter, Huang Zitao conveys the message of "Love and Dream" tothe audience through his music and advocates positive energy among them. As an actor, he presents differentroles with his truth heart. As a fashion icon with unique sense on sports and fashion trends, his courage and uncompromising spirit has injected a newvitality into Kappa, showing the strong character of the brand, calling on young people to hold on to their dreams and expressthemselves.

Mr.Zhang Zhiyong, CEO of China Dongxiang, said, "We are very pleased to have Huang Zitaobecome Kappa's brand ambassador. We believe that the image of Huang Zitao, as a fashion trendsetter who always pursues breakthroughs, is in line with Kappa's brand value. We look forward to the new insights and surprisesto be broughtby this collaboration, demonstrating our brand's character of "Self, Color, Sports" and togethercreating greater brandvalue for Kappa."

About China Dongxiang (Group) Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 3818)

China Dongxiang (Group) Co., Ltd. is a leading international sportswearbrand enterprise in China which has been listed on the Main Board of the HongKong Stock Exchange since 10 October 2007. The Group is primarily engaged inthe design, development, marketing and wholesale of branded sportswear inChina. Currently, China Dongxiang owns all rights to the internationallyrenowned Kappa brand in China, Macau and Japan. On 1 May 2008, China Dongxiang completedthe acquisition of PHENIX, a Japanese sportswear enterprise. PHENIX is the mostpopular ski brand in Japan with the largest market share, as well as awell-known brand in the international market.