Kyowa Chemical Industry Adopts Infor Cloud Solution for Global Business Visibility and Overseas Expansion

August 07, 2019 - 03:06
Kyowa Chemical Industry Adopts Infor Cloud Solution for Global Business Visibility and Overseas Expansion

Achieves centralized cloud-based management of sales, purchasing and inventory information, and faster overseas sharing and business decision-making


TOKYO, JAPAN - Media OutReach - 7 August 2019 - Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, todayannounced that Kyowa Chemical Industry, a manufacturer and seller of chemical products for industry and healthcare,has  implemented Infor M3 Cloud, Infor's ERP software for largeglobal manufacturers, distributors, and after-sales service providers, toenhance business data visibility and business efficiency in its globaloperations as it gears up for international expansion.


Kyowa Chemical Industry develops safe and secureproducts that are both people- and eco-friendly. It manufactures and sellsindustrial products, pharmaceuticals and food additives using the magnesium inseawater as the main raw material, and possesses the largest share in thedomestic market for inorganic industrial chemicals and active pharmaceuticalingredients. In recent years, it has sold an increasing percentage of productsoverseas, mainly for industrial use, and with five production/sales sitesoverseas, including in the Netherlands and China, it is also focusing oninternational expansion.


To further grow its business in Japan andoverseas, Kyowa Chemical Industry is working to achieve business datavisibility and business efficiency improvements. Close information sharing withoverseas sites, in particular, is necessary for it to achieve a stable supplyof products while expanding its business globally. It was unable to reform itsbusiness practices with the previous office computer-based system it has usedfor sales, purchasing and inventory management.


As its office computer systems aged, KyowaChemical Industry decided to adopt Infor M3 Cloud because it packages togetherall the functionalities required for global sales, purchasing and inventorymanagement, and enables centralized data management with a single system.Another factor for the decision was that Infor has extensive experience inproduction management for domestic and international process manufacturingindustries, and Kyowa Chemical Industry is considering adopting a productionmanagement package in the future.


Using Infor M3 Cloud, Kyowa Chemical Industrybuilt a new business platform for managing its sales, purchasing and inventory,which it launched across its domestic sales offices in April 2019. Theplatform is being rolled out in the company's overseas sales offices to enablecentralized management of global sales, purchasing and inventory information,which will accelerate information sharing and business decision-making withoverseas sites. Promoting standardization of skills-dependent businessprocesses, Infor M3 is also expected to become the cornerstone of futurecompany-wide initiatives to improve business efficiency.


In addition to sales, purchasing and inventorymanagement, Kyowa Chemical Industry is considering using Infor M3 as the corefactor of the system to realize optimal coordination of supply and demand on aglobal scale.


"At Kyowa Chemical Industry, we have continuallyworked on enhancing our sales and production sites in Japan and overseas todirectly provide our customers around the world with unique products. Weadopted Infor's ERP cloud solution to enable connection with branches overseas,which are growing in importance, and to drive business efficiencies," saidMitsunori Kado, director and head of human resources at Kyowa ChemicalIndustry. "Going forward, we hope to draw from the extensive processmanufacturing knowledge of Infor to continue enhancing our business platformsand expand our range of high-safety, eco-friendly products globally."

About Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Kyowa Chemical Industry was founded in 1947 inTakamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture. As a developer of safe and secure products thatare both people-friendly and eco-friendly, it manufactures and sells a range ofindustrial products, such as non-halogen resin stabilizers and flameretardants, and pharmaceutical and food additive products, such as antacids,and functional additives, using the magnesium in seawater as the main rawmaterial. For further details, see

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