Keelung City Government is presenting beautiful Keelung City At 2019 MITM Travel Fair, Malaysia

August 07, 2019 - 02:30
Keelung City Government is presenting beautiful Keelung City At 2019 MITM Travel Fair, Malaysia

KEELUNG CITY, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 7 August 2019 - Keelung City Government is goingto attend the 2019 MITM Travel Fair from August 9 to 11. The fair, to takeplace at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Kuala Lumpur will house Taiwan Pavillionbooth number E001 to E010.

"Venice of Taiwan" - Zhengbin Fishing Port.


In order to welcome Malaysian friends to visit Keelung,Keelung City Government has invited many outstanding local shops in releasingdiscount campaigns. The city government welcomes Malaysian tourists to enjoytheir relaxing vacations in Keelung.


Located at northern Taiwan, Keelung is not only a marinecity in Taiwan, but also the only all-in-one port harbor city in Taiwan. Moreover,it also received the honor of being the best cruise terminal in Asia. Travelingby cruisers is one of the most convenient ways to travel Taiwan for Malaysianfriends.


Keelung has rich history, culture, and natural landscapethat include beautiful coasts and heavenly carved wave-cut vistas. Surroundedby the seas on three sides, Keelung has been in great possession of marineresources throughout centuries. When tourists visit Keelung, besides enjoyingdelicious seafood cooked at tourist fishing ports, they can also enjoyversatile seaside vacation activities such as sea fishing, snorkeling, scubadiving and others. In addition to that, the well-known "Keelung NightMarket" that has been selected by the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan as the mostversatile, delicious and most friendly night market is a must-go attraction fortourists.


Moreover, Keelung also has Waimu Shan Seashore, which wasselected as the champion of Taiwan's "Top 10 AttractiveWaters", Heping Island Park, which was selected by "SinoVision"as one of the world's 21 most beautiful sunrise views, and "BadozhiStation", known as the most beautiful train station in northern Taiwan.These all make Keelung a city tourists definitely cannot miss when visitingTaiwan.