Designed by Vietnam 2020 contest opens online voting

November 09, 2020 - 08:20

The “Designed by Vietnam” contest with the theme “Regeneration” within the framework of the Vietnam Design Week 2020 event has opened online voting that allows the public to vote for their favourite designs.

The Việt Nam Design Week 2020 promotes the invention and application of designs from different aspects of daily life: Food and Beverage, Living, Fashion, Souvenir, and Public Art.

Its mission is to increase the value of Vietnamese products and promote the development of the national design industry.

Besides talk shows and workshops, an exhibition will be showcasing prototypes from the finalists with the most votes for a nationwide contest titled “Designed by Việt Nam”.

Vietnam Design Week's committee includes many experts in the field. Photo Vietnam Design Week

The theme “Regeneration” focuses on encouraging mindsets that support economical, sustainable and optimal use of materials for a sustainable future. Regeneration helps to make the best use of old materials and reminds us of the need to use natural resources that do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Of the 20 entries that made it to the final round, many objects found in daily life have been repurposed into new products with innovative designs and uses.

Bamboo, an object very familiar in Vietnamese society, has been used to make lamps by designer Kiều Thắng. Besides bamboo, he has used other materials and techniques such as rattan weaving and woodcut prints from folk paintings that have been reinvented to help keep the traditional values of different ethnicities in Việt Nam.

In another project, three artists from Think Playgrounds have recycled materials such as old car parts into a new playground for young children. Looking at the blueprints, old tires have been recycled to create fun challenges for kids, along with small boulders and a slide made from the car.

Three other artists from the Phường Son collective have created rattan mats, a tea table and room dividers that can be reassembled to make room for a spiritual corner to allow people to connect with their inner selves and find a balance in the current hectic lifestyle.

Diego Cortizas del Valle, a Spanish designer who created the fashion brand Chula, has also made it into the top 20 with his new design of metal fences.

Between November 1-15, on the website, people can check out the submissions and vote for their favourite projects.

The exhibition will showcase products in Hà Nội, Hội An and Hồ Chí Minh City.

Judges include Nguyễn Phan Thuỳ Dương, managing editor of Elle Decoration Vietnam Magazine, and Lê Bá Ngọc, vice president of Vietcraft, along with other design experts. — VNS