Veteran artist Trần Lưu Hậu passes away at 92

March 02, 2020 - 17:12

Veteran artist Trần Lưu Hậu died in February 29 after a long illness. He was 92. 


Artist Trần Lưu Hậu. Photo Trần Lưu Tuấn

HÀ NỘI — Veteran artist Trần Lưu Hậu died in February 29 after a long illness. He was 92. 

"Two weeks ago, some of his colleagues and former students visited him and he recognised each one," said his son Trần Lưu Tuấn.

Hậu was one of the first artists to study fine arts from 1950-1954 in Việt Bắc, north of Hà Nội. He graduated theatre design from the Surikov Moscow Art Institute in 1960. 

"I was lucky to be one of his students. He was very talented and had many good students," said Master of Fine Arts Nguyễn Ngọc Long, Deputy-Principal of Việt Nam Fine Arts University. 

He taught at the university from 1962 to 1988 and was chairman of the Việt Nam Association Fine Arts' Art Council.

His work covered different styles, but he was known for using primary colours in abstract art. He painted different themes, including national resistance, landscapes, streets of Hà Nội and still life. 

"He was recognised by many established artists," said artist Vũ Lâm. "He encouraged their creativity and supported them to have a fresh aesthetic conception and personal viewpoint."

Artist Hậu inspired many established artists such as Thành Chương, Phạm An Hải, Đoàn Văn Nguyên and Phạm Lực.

"He was a master to me," said Chương. "He was my teacher, my friend and my older brother who I really loved and respected. Each time I met him, I always learned something and I was forced to do better."

"He always inspired younger artists to create art."

His works have been displayed at international exhibitions and museums in France, Germany, Singapore, Russia and Hong Kong. His paintings are in private collection in Việt Nam and other countries.

His paintings Vịnh Hạ Long (Hạ Long Bay) and Cô Gái H Mông Dệt Vải (H Mông Girl is Weaving) are in Việt Nam Museum of Fine Arts' collection. 

He had his first solo exhibition in Paris in 1991 and in HCM City in 1994. He was a prolific artist with thousands of paintings. At the age of 84, he had an exhibition in HCM City showing 40 paintings of flowers. 

At the age of 87, he debuted 25 nude paintings in Hà Nội. He won the State Award in Literature and Arts in 2001. — VNS