Vietnamese horror films released for Halloween season

October, 08/2019 - 08:17

Two horror movies from HCM City directors will be released for the upcoming Halloween holiday.


 A scene in Bắc Kim Thang (Home Sweet Home), a horror film by young director Trần Hữu Tấn, is expected to hit cinemas this Halloween. — Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY — Two horror movies from HCM City directors will be released for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

Thất Sơn Tâm Linh (Kuman Thoong), directed by Vietnamese-American director Hàm Trần, depicts a murder in a country house. The film is based on a true story about a mass murder in Đồng Tháp Province. Its stars Đinh Y Nhung, Thanh Tú and Hoàng Yến Chibi.

According to unofficial sources, the film’s director, Hàm, and his producers cut out some sex and crime scenes before its release.

Critics and fans hope that Thất Sơn Tâm Linh will bring a different dimension to the industry which is typically dominated by comedies and light fare.

“Scary films from Hollywood and South Korea have earned big profits in ticket sales in Việt Nam,” said director Hàm, who returned to horror, his favourite topic, instead of working on comedies.

“My film is a story about crime and punishment," said Hàm at the film’s launch in HCM City in April.    

Hàm made his mark with the horror production Đoạt Hồn (Hollow), a hit in summer 2016 that was instrumental in introducing his brand name to Việt Nam. Hàm said that he wanted to direct and produce films in his own way, whether they are serious dramas or light, entertaining features.

Produced by Yeah1CMG and Galaxy M&E, the film’s trailer on YouTube has attracted more than 1.4 million viewers.

Many people have written comments about the work and said they hoped to see Hàm’s progress in his new film. 

Hàm’s competitor, young director Trần Hữu Tấn, sent his first film, Bắc Kim Thang (Home Sweet Home), to the 24th Busan International Film Festival, which opened on October 4, before release in Việt Nam two weeks later.  

The film is about a young man who believes his house is being hunted following six months in a hospital. He sees his cousin, who committed suicide, and dummies in the house while listening to Bắc Kim Thang, a folk song.

The film features Meritorious Artist Phi Điểu and veteran actor Trung Dân as well as young artists Minh Hy and Trịnh Tài. 

It will compete in the category A Window on Asian Cinema.

“We were over the moon when our film, Bắc Kim Thang, was in cinemas in Busan,” said the film’s director of production, Hoàng Quân.

Thất Sơn Tâm Linh will be released on Friday while Bắc Kim Thang will be in cinemas in October 25. — VNS