Cải lương play depicts historical events under Trịnh Lords

October 07, 2019 - 09:37

A cải lương (reformed opera) play featuring historical events under Lord Trịnh Sâm who ruled north Việt Nam from 1767 to 1782 AD, will made debut to audiences in HCM City this week.



Actress Kim Ngân performs in Đam Mê Và Quyền Lực (Game of Thrones), a cải lương play about historical events under Lord Trịnh Sâm in north Việt Nam from 1767 to 1782 AD. The play is directed by Hoa Hạ and will be staged at Bến Thành Theatre this week. Photo courtesy of producer

HCM CITY A cải lương (reformed opera) play featuring historical events under Lord Trịnh Sâm who ruled northern Việt Nam from 1767 to 1782 will debut in HCM City this week. 

The 90-minute show, Đam Mê Và Quyền Lực (Game of Thrones), features the Lord and his favourite concubine Đặng Thị Huệ, who tried and failed to make her son Trịnh Cán an heir. 

The play depicts Huệ's beauty and intelligence which she uses to control the Lord. After his death, she committed suicide.

Đam Mê Và Quyền Lực is directed by Meritorious Artist Hoa Hạ, who has more than 40 years of experience working in the theatre. 

It stars actress Kim Ngân of the private Lê Hoàng Drama Troupe as Huệ, and actors Lê Tứ and Điền Trung in leading roles.  

Director Hạ and the producer invested heavily in the production, including costumes, sound and light effects.

Meritorious Artists Phượng Loan and Lê Tứ of Trần Hữu Trang Theatre were invited to play supporting roles.  

"I want to lure young audiences back to theatre from cinemas and live concerts. My staff and I promise a great spectacle of music and images on stage,” Hạ said. 

"I believe traditional theatre will attract younger audiences if it provides an interesting story, new and modern styles," the 62-year-old added.

Last year, Hạ and the Lê Hoàng Drama Troupe staged the popular historical play Thái Hậu Dương Vân Nga (Queen Mother Dương Vân Nga) in a new version.

As a way to attract younger audiences, she invited pop star Phương Thanh to play a small role.

“I wanted to bring a fresh wind to cải lương, an old and unique genre of southern theatre which began 100 years ago,” Hạ said.

Her VNĐ800 million (US$35,000) version met the demand of audiences at the National Cải Lương  Festival 2018 in Long An Province.

In her latest production, Đam Mê và Quyền Lực, Hạ asked her staff, including veteran actors Trung and Tứ, to work hard on singing and acting skills to successfully portray the spirit of cải lương

Đam Mê và Quyền Lực will be staged at 8pm on October 13 at Bến Thành Theatre on 6 Mạc Đĩnh Chi Street in District 1. Tickets are available at the box office. — VNS