Circus performance calls people to protect environment

May 23, 2019 - 10:00


A circus aiming to entertain and education youngsters to mark International Children’s Day on June 1. — Photo courtesy of the organiser

HÀ NỘI — A circus with an environmental message opens in Hà Nội this week.

Its aim is to entertain and educate youngsters to mark International Children’s Day on June 1.

The performance, called An Adventure of Tễu, has been organised by the Việt Nam Circus Federation.

It will run from May 25 to June 2 and hopes to raise awareness of environmental issues for future generations.

The show features characters from popular Vietnamese fairy tales like Hằng Nga and Cuội about people who live on the moon and are suffering from air pollution caused by those who live on earth.

But there are still problems for those who live underwater, as the ocean is full of rubbish and plastic bags. The forest isn’t much better either, as trees have been cut down leaving animals desperate for help.

People’s Artist Tạ Duy Ánh, director of the federation, said pollution is a global issue that directly influences on our lives.

“The plot has a clear message that makes the show suitable for both children and adults,” said Ánh.

Ánh revealed that the show received investment in light and sound technology.

“Beside devices to release fake smoke and bubbles, we will use a 1,000 inch LED screen to help the audience understand the story in a clear and emotional way,” said Ánh.

The performance includes acrobatics, trapeze acts, a magic show with 60 artists and magicians, many who have performed around the world.

Ánh said the federation has stopped using wild animals and has sent many of former animal performers like bears and tigers to animal protection charities.

“Animal trainers now begin teaching domestic animals like pigs, cats, parrots and even buffaloe,” said Ánh.

“It’s our great efforts to maintain the job for animal trainers and bring interesting circus acts for audiences without using wild animals,” he said.

The shows will be held at the Central Circus Theatre, 67-69 Trần Nhân Tông Street, Hà Nội. VNS