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Uruguay, an example of the integration of different peoples and identities

Update: August, 27/2018 - 09:00
Uruguayan child dressed as a gaucho in countryside. — Photo courtesy of the embassy
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Raul Silveira, Charge d’Affaires of the Uruguayan Embassy in Hà Nội, sends a message to celebrate the Independence of Uruguay and its friendship with Việt Nam.

On August 25, 1825 the Oriental Republic of Uruguay declared its subordination to the Portuguese Empire null. The inhabitants of the nation then called Banda Oriental, proud and free, reaffirmed that day that their feelings of independence would put an end to decades of bloody battles. Other violent episodes later on came to find the people united and independent from foreign powers. The gaucho, owner of his destiny and resistant to adversity, is a symbol of that freedom.

Five years later, on July 18, 1830, the process of Independence was completed with our first Constitution, a document tailored to the currents of thought that flooded the Americas of that time.

By the year 1830 we had our independence and Constitution. However, the cultural characteristics that make Uruguay unique today were not forged in those few years but rather were formed during a process that lasted more than a century. Our culture, perhaps like no other, was enriched by the mixture of Indigenous, African, Spanish and Italian populations and later by a new wave of immigrants from the Middle East, Near East and especially from all parts of Europe. Those who looked for a better future for their families were received with open arms and today are the ancestors of a large part of the Uruguayans of the 21st century.

Currently, our country is an example of the integration of different peoples and identities. That is how the Spanish roots are identified in our language and customs but also mixed with Italian and Portuguese traditions. Football, which is part of our national identity, was introduced in the 19th century by Englishmen, our rich music tradition is a combination of African and European rhythms, and both the name of our country and the habit of drinking mate come from indigenous cultures of America.

Our identity is also marked by the ability to excel in internationally recognized artistic productions, sports and the quality of our meat. Uruguay is also a tourist destination appreciated for its tender climate, its friendly inhabitants and a geography that includes beautiful beaches, hot springs and peaceful meadows.

Uruguay, as one of the founding states of the United Nations, has always remained faithful to the principles of sovereignty of States and international peace. As we maintain ties with most of the nations of the world, we continue working to achieve a greater relationship with Southeast Asian countries.

Since the opening of our Embassy in 2012, we have had multiple achievements in our friendly and cooperative relation with Việt Nam. In terms of co-operation in the international field we should outline the election of Uruguay as a member of the Security Council of the Organization of the United Nations, for which we have counted on the valuable support of the Government of Việt  Nam. Việt Nam also supported Uruguay’s candidacy of "Fray Bentos Cultural and Industrial Landscape" as a UNESCO World Cultural Landscape site.

In addition, many agreements between both countries reflect the advanced stage of our diplomatic relations, such as the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement signed in 2013 which provides for the creation of a Joint Committee on Economic Co-operation, Trade and Investment; the Scientific and Technological Co-operation Agreement signed in 2010 and an agreement for the Protection and Promotion of Investments signed in 2011.

In terms of trade and tourism between the two countries, it should be noted that Việt Nam is Uruguay’s second-biggest commercial partner in Southeast Asia and an increasingly attractive destination for Uruguayan tourists.

Finally, the Uruguayan Embassy in Hà Nội wishes to invite everyone to attend the VI Latin American Film Festival of Hà Nội, which will take place between October 8 and 13. In this occasion, Uruguay will have the honour of opening the ceremony and sharing with the rest of the Latin American embassies the pleasure of spreading their culture in this noble land.

Today we not only celebrate the 193 years since the Declaration of Independence of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay but also the past, present and future friendship of Uruguay and Việt Nam. — VNS



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