Comedy movies shine at cinemas

February 22, 2018 - 09:00

Vietnamese comedies sweeps through national cinemas over the holiday season

Funny stuff: Trường Giang (left) and Đức Thịnh in Siêu Sao Siêu Ngố. — Photo
Viet Nam News

HÀ NỘI — Siêu Sao Siêu Ngố (Super Star Super Silly) is one of four Vietnamese movies being released during Tết, which are the lion’s share of domestic productions in the nation’s movie market.

Directed by Đức Thịnh, the comedy romance tells the story of a star in show business. Actor Trường Giang plays two characters as twin brothers who are a star and a farmer. Everything becomes complicated when the star’s manager suggests the farmer take over for his famous brother.

The movie has attracted more than 100,000 ticket-holders, reporting a turnover of VNĐ10 billion (US$440,000) after its first day, and an additional 43 billion đồng after four days of screening. It is expected to take in VNĐ80 - 100 billion, although Hollywood blockbuster Black Panther was to released yesterday.

The other movies include 798 Mười; Đích Tôn Độc Đắc (Unique First Paternal Grandson) and Về Quê Ăn Tết (Return to Countryside for Tết).

798 Mười movie is a comedy action film by Dustin Nguyễn, telling the story of Master Peng Peng, a "hidden player". In a battle scene, he wears the uniform of the state, and performs the long-winded cone dance, which is no different from Shaolin monks, though he lives in modern times.

Đích Tôn Độc Đắc is a comedy by veteran director Trần Ngọc Giàu featuring comedian Hoài Linh. While the paternal grandfather, played by comedian Hoài Linh, desires to have a great-grandchild who will inherit his assets, the first paternal grandson, played by newcomer Bạch Công Khanh, dares not propose marriage to his long-time girlfriend.

Return to Countryside for Tết is made by woman director Nguyễn Hoàng Anh. This is the first motion picture after her success with television series Cô Thắm Về Làng (Miss Thắm Returns To Her Village), which has been seen on HCM Television.

The light-hearted movie is about a bus-trip returning people, working far from home, to their homeland for Tết. It features well-known actor Ngô Thanh Vân as a bus driver and her assistant driver, played by Jun Phạm.

The tomboy driver frightens the passengers with her driving. Though a situation comedy, the movie focuses on the emotions of the expatriates, who are on the way home for the final days of the year.

These movies are being shown at cinemas throughout the nation. — VNS