Singer with Vietnamese roots wins third place at German Eurovision

March 07, 2023 - 10:00
In the finale in Cologne last Friday, Trọng Hiếu wore a nón (Vietnamese conical hat) and a blouse inspired by the Vietnamese áo dài (traditional dress), to perform the song Dare to Be Difference.

HÀ NỘI — German-Vietnamese singer and dancer Trọng Hiếu has won the third prize at the German Eurovision Song Contest.

In the finale in Cologne last Friday, Trọng Hiếu wore a nón (Vietnamese conical hat) and a blouse inspired by the Vietnamese áo dài (traditional dress),to perform the song Dare to Be Difference.

Composed by himself, the song is about the diversity and multifariousness of life and blends folk music with contemporary beats.

The first-ever Asian singer in the final round of Germany’s Eurovision Song Contest, Hiếu’s performance was selected to open the night, which featured eight finalists.   

“I am so proud of my Vietnamese roots and am happy to have the chance to present a touch of Vietnamese culture on an international stage,” the singer, who won the Vietnam Idol 2015, wrote on his Facebook page after the contest.

Trọng Hiếu wears a nón (Vietnamese conical hat) and blouse inspired by Vietnamese áo dài (traditional dress) to perform the song Dare to Be Difference. — Photos courtesy of Trọng Hiếu

“Việt Nam has helped me to take long steps on the path leading to my music dream," Hiếu wrote. "While performing at Germany's Eurovision Song Contest finale, I was so moved that I even lost my voice when I sang the Vietnamese lyrics. I always appreciate and am grateful for any opportunities that Việt Nam has brought me. Those experiences have helped me to improve myself day by day,”

“I am also thankful to the organisation board for allowing me to be free and creative in music and lyrics, as well as ideas for the screen display and lighting for my performance,” he added.

In a short video presented right before his performance, the 31-year-old singer said that, through his performance, he wants to show the audience his effort to be different in both "auditory and visual", and he looks forward to representing Germany at the Eurovision Song contest in Liverpool in May.

Kiel Tutin, who has been working with global stars such as Jennifer Lopez, BlackPink, and Big Bang, is also the choreographer of Hiếu’s performance.

Trọng Hiếu at the finale of the German Eurovision Song Contest last Friday. 

Commented on Hiếu’s performance, famous German TV host Riccardo Simonetti has praised his excellent presentation and exciting choreography.

He said that Hiếu really is a pop star who creates positive energy for everyone.

After failing five times in the same contest in previous years, this year, Hiếu overcame over 350 competitors to be among eight finalists.

Born in 1992, Hiếu grew up in Germany. He returned to Việt Nam in 2015 to compete in the Vietnam Idol contest, winning that year. He then released multiple songs that he wrote himself. In 2016, he was a nominee for the “New Artist” at the Việt Nam’s 11th Devotion Music Awards.

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual music contest organised by European Broadcasting Union member states. It attracts hundreds of millions of live viewers globally. — VNS