Quảng Ninh fully taps local ethnic cultures for tourism development

November 30, 2022 - 08:51
This year, provincial authorities have organised a variety of programmes and activities aimed at boosting tourism and improving the accessibility of tourism products tied to ethnic minority cultures.
A Sán Chỉ ethnic women's football match. The tourism development model linked with ethnic cultures provides visitors with one-of-a-kind experiences. VNA/VNS Photo

QUẢNG NINH — Quảng Ninh, home to more than 20 ethnic minority groups, is well-known among tourists not only for its magnificent natural scenery but also for its distinct local cultures.

This year, provincial authorities have organised a variety of activities aimed at boosting tourism and improving the accessibility of tourism products tied to ethnic cultures.

Many traditional festivities, such as the harvest ceremony, the Sán Chỉ ethnic costume show and women's football tournament, as well as the running race for locals and tourists, were some of the highlights of this year's "Sán Chỉ Ethnic Culture and Sport Festival" which took place in October, and made a lasting impression on the attendees of the event.

The event returns after a two-year hiatus to promote the beauty of the land and people of Quảng Ninh, in addition to the province's well-known coastal culture.

During this month, Culture-Tourism Week and the Bình Liêu's District Golden Festival 2022 were also celebrated. These events featured a wide variety of exciting traditional cultural and athletic activities.

According to the organisers, they are doing their best to make the event a local tourism product, contributing to the promotion of the traditional cultural splendors of the region's ethnic groups and putting Bình Liêu on the international tourism map.

Over 21,000 people came to Bình Liêu to celebrate the 2022 Golden Season Festival, which took place on November 4-6, according to the district's Culture and Information Department report.

Bình Liêu tourism, which makes use of the region's plentiful natural resources and vibrant indigenous culture, continues to thrive despite the traditional "hibernation" of the industry in the winter months, as evidenced by a new analysis.

According to Trịnh Đăng Thanh, deputy director of the Department of Tourism, Quảng Ninh will create nine more community-based tourist attractions with outstanding values in terms of tourism resources, cultural and historical values of the locality, and meeting the criteria of supply ability, community, and sustainable value between 2023 and 2025.

After 2025, the province will concentrate on evaluating and reviewing the outcomes of policy implementation, as well as adjusting and updating the remaining number of community-based tourism development sites based on actual conditions and the balance of budget resources.

Along with the province's cultural conservation efforts linked with community-based tourism, local tourism enterprises also leverage tourism models associated with indigenous cultures.

Some homestays in Bình Liêu's ethnic minority areas, such as Sông Moóc, A Dào and Hoa Sở have become popular places to stay for tours.

In Tiên Yên, a new eco-family tourism model was launched in mid-2022, offering fishing and cake-making experiences with local residents.

In addition, homestays in Pạc Sủi Waterfall, which include tours of farming vegetables and harvesting rice with ethnics, are incredibly popular among tourists. VNS