Styria government and companies are interested in many sectors of HCM City

October 21, 2022 - 14:01
A business group from the Austrian state of Styria met officials from HCM City government agencies and companies to talk about investing opportunities in the city on October 19
The opening ceremony of Styria and HCM City Economics Forum on October 19. – Photo: VNS Photo Thụy Đan

HCM CITY — A business group from the Austrian state of Styria has expressed their interest in investing in HCM City.

In a meeting with HCM City government agencies this week, Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Styria Minister of Economy, Tourism, Science and Research, said that Việt Nam, and HCM City in particular, was an interesting partner when it comes to trading and investment. 

With the benefits of free trade, both countries could create new opportunities for each other in various sectors, such as environmental technology, energy resources, tourism and automation.

Cao Thị Phi Vân, deputy director of the Investment and Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC), said HCM City was also a great gateway for Austrian investors.

The city government and companies could offer a wide range of trade and investment models and was also Việt Nam's biggest exporting city. 

The location of the city could also help them branch out into other Southeast Asian markets because the city is at the centre of the region.

“ITPC will assist Styria companies with all of the processes relating to investing and collaborating with HCM City companies,” Vân said.

HCM City advertised its main investment projects to the Styria business group, such as the Cần Thơ Bridge, Ring Road No.4 and Urban Railway Project No. 3A-phase 1.

Meanwhile, Styria highlighted their strongest sectors, which are automation, energy and environment, and mobility, with worldwide renown companies, such as Doppelmayr, Danubia Wood, and Llynx Electronics.

Dietmar Schwank, Austria Commercial Counsellor in HCM City, said that Việt Nam was Austria's biggest trade partner in ASEAN and had always been one of the largest importers of Austrian goods in Asia.

Therefore, the Austrian government wanted to bolster this relationship and become a world class partner of Việt Nam as well as tighten the bilateral ties that are already in existence. 

Companies from both countries exchange information and establish relationships in the B2B conference. – Photo: VNS Photo Thụy Đan

Speakers from both countries also gave insights about the advantages and disadvantages of each country to give a more detailed outlook into the current situation.

At the end of the forum, companies from both countries had the chance to meet with each other in a B2B conference to give out information and establish relationships with one another.  

The Styria and HCM City Economics Forum was organised as a part of the 50th anniversary celebration of diplomatic relations between Việt Nam and Austria. 

Austria currently is the 35th biggest investor in Việt Nam and has more than 2,000 businesses that are partners with the Vietnamese government and companies. – VNS