Cheap mother, baby products give way to no. 1 e-commerce brand on quality concerns

May 02, 2024 - 09:00
 Over time mothers are changing their consumption habits, prioritizing product quality and safety over price. In the event, cheap products had to "give way" to the number 1 brand in mother and baby care equipment one-commerce platforms.

Smart consumption trend of Vietnamese parents

Most Vietnamese parents, especially in urban areas, are gradually paying more attention to quality when buying products for mothers and children rather than price. This became even more evident after the global COVID-19 pandemic broke out. They spent a lot of time learning about safety, materials, and reputation of brands, and are willing to pay more for tested and recommended products from hospitals and reputed brands.

According to a report on the mother and baby products industry released by e-commerce data platform Metric, the differences in market shares between various price segments on e-commerce sites is not much.

At the higher end, the VNĐ500,000-1 million segment accounts for 18 per cent and the VNĐ1 - 2 million ($42-84) segment for 16 per cent.

The VNĐ200,000 - 500,000 ($8.4-21) segment accounts for a market-topping 33 per cent. Leading the market in Viet Nam are famous global brands such as Fatzbaby, Huggies, Pediasure, and Bobby.

From all this, it can be concluded that the trend of Vietnamese families willing to spend heavily on mother and baby care products has created a lucrative opportunity for reputed brands. Price will no longer be the deciding factor for mothers in making purchase decisions on their child-rearing journey.

Fatzbaby, leading brand in mother and baby products on e-commerce platforms

As a brand that goes hand in hand with more than 50 large hospitals but has reasonable prices, Fatzbaby is the top-seller in the field of support equipment for caring mothers and babies on e-commerce platforms in Viet Nam.

Research on the best-selling rankings based on the number of sales volumes done on the “Support equipment for mothers and babies" product group found that e-commerce sites,,, and TikTok Shop Vietnam sold this product category from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2023.  

As the number one brand in support equipment for caring mothers and babies, Fatzbaby's products not only accompany pregnant women into most delivery rooms at major hospitals but have also gained the trust of smart mothers on a journey through birthing. This has made a significant contribution to the country’s healthcare sector, especially obstetrics, in its process of caring for postpartum women and newborns.

Fatzbaby also realized that instead of surveying prices, consumers began to get into a habit of searching for information and joining pregnant mother communities to share experiences and advice before making buying decisions. Understanding the concerns of mothers and the importance they attach to their children's health, Fatzbaby continues to organize prenatal classes and seminars at hospitals nationwide. Since then, Fatzbaby has increasingly developed and transformed itself to sympathize and accompany mothers and babies through the child development stages.

Fatzbaby, a brand that specializes in products for mothers and babies, has registered its trademark in many countries and its products are distributed by Genex International Distribution Joint Stock Company.

The support equipment for mothers and baby’s product line includes the following main product groups: milk warmers, sterilizers, breast pumps, water heaters, milk dispensers, breast milk machines, cry alarm, hygrometer, nebulizer, white noise machine, infrared thermometers, nasal aspirators, nail grinders, and baby bottle washers.

Fatzbaby has donated obstetrics products to 50 hospitals nationwide.