akaVerse's Groundbreaking MOU with TOPPAN Inc.: Shaping the Future of Virtual Reality

October 26, 2023 - 15:45
akaVerse - one of the leading solution providers in virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) technology in Vietnam - marked an important turning point in the international development and expansion journey through the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with TOPPAN Inc.

On October 24th, 2023, at the annual technology forum of FPT Corporation - FPT Techday 2023, TOPPAN Inc., akaVerse (FPT Information System), and FPT Japan Holdings signed a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding.

In the context of Techday 2023, the MOU signing ceremony between TOPPAN Inc., FPT Information System, and FPT Japan Holdings highlights a shared vision and collective commitment toward a digitally transformed future. This marked an important cooperative relationship between Vietnam and Japan, promising many breakthroughs in the field of virtual reality and digital transformation.

 A Partnership for Advancing Virtual Reality Technology and the Metaverse

TOPPAN Inc. is a global provider of integrated, sustainable solutions in sectors including printing, communications, security, packaging, decorative materials, electronics, and digital transformation. To achieve that goal, TOPPAN has joined hands with akaVerse of FPT Information System - a leading technology solution provider in Vietnam, and FPT Japan Holdings - one of the foreign technology companies with the most abundant highly skilled human resources in Japan. Specifically, TOPPAN cooperates directly with akaVerse - a unit of FPT Information System. akaVerse is a pioneer in providing virtual reality, augmented reality, and extended reality (VR/AR/XR) solutions with industry-wide experience and deep expertise.

The signing of this MOU reinforces the lasting partnership between TOPPAN and FPT and lays the groundwork for even deeper collaboration in the future.

The Resilient Partnership Between TOPPAN Inc. and FPT

Throughout their collaborative history, TOPPAN Inc. and FPT have achieved remarkable successes. In 2016, TOPPAN and FPT signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in business process outsourcing (BPO), combining the development of BPO services using IoT and big data. In early 2023, FPT Japan Holdings and TOPPAN established an offshore software development center (ODC) to provide a stable and skilled pool of human resources in the field of information technology.

Therefore, this cooperation demonstrates the commitment from both sides to building a sustainable partnership, ready to ensure success and development in the future.

 akaverse - Spearhead the Virtual Reality Industry in Vietnam

In Vietnam, akaVerse is the leading solution provider in the field of VR/AR technology. Established in 2021, akaVerse has empowered many domestic and foreign businesses to achieve success in interacting with customers, improving user experience, and increasing conversion rates even during the difficult epidemic time.

akaVerse sets a vision to become Asia's immersive technology leader by 2025, spearheading the digital front-end transformation and transitioning communication from touchscreens to hands-free devices, head-mounted displays, and holographic interfaces.

This MOU is an important step forward for akaVerse as well as TOPPAN on the journey towards a better future, where people can break limits and achieve new heights thanks to technology, especially virtual reality technology.

About akaVerse

akaVerse is a comprehensive solution provider for virtual reality (Virtual Reality - VR), augmented reality (Augmented Reality - AR), and extended reality (Extended Reality - XR). The in-depth experience and expertise of the akaVerse team have also earned the trust of global customers in Japan, Singapore, and Europe.

As the leading VR/AR/XR solution provider in Vietnam, akaVerse ensures to bring solutions that are tailored to business needs and of the highest quality.

Contact akaVerse at: info@akaverse.net