Your parents deserve something more special than old-fashioned flowers as gifts to celebrate their parenthood

February 28, 2023 - 08:00
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and a company from the happiest place on earth is making it personal. US-based Macorner’s gift makers have been hard at work personalising holiday gifts since after Christmas Eve, and they’ll be getting busier as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and major holidays approach.

This will be the third Mother’s Day for Macorner, a personalised gift company launched in the midst of the pandemic. Since then, the company has already fulfilled almost two million orders of unique and fun items for customers worldwide. Popular sellers this year range from home decor, apparel, and drinkware to accessories such as keychains, signs and phone cases.

“We have created a one-stop shop for your ‘corner,’ whether it’s decorating your living space or buying gifts for loved ones,” says Liam Nelson, the company’s CEO. “And we’re ready to be the exceptional gift provider again in 2023!”

Macorner’s specialty is custom drawings of loved ones, furry friends included. On its website, customers can start a project from scratch or choose from a variety of templates that emphasise family, friends, pet lovers, relationships and more. And they’re not just for seasonal events but also for every occasion year round. “Personalised gifts are great for any occasion,” Liam adds, “whether it’s recognising an employee, a co-worker or a family member’s milestone. People love to see themselves represented in the gift itself, and gift-givers love the ‘wow’ factor.”

Thankfully, Macorner rolls out new products constantly, many in the home decor category. Although barely two years old, the company’s goal is to create a one-stop shop for customers to have fun and express themselves, whether a Mother’s Day-themed acrylic plaque for decoration, a wine tumbler, a pillow, or a piece of clothing. “Since Covid, we are all living inside of bubbles, and our homes have become both cocoons and refuges,” says Liam. “We believe that it is just so important to fill our bubbles with friends and family and memories.”

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One thing Macorner is not about is surprises, at least the kind that produce unhappy returns. On its website, a special AI-driven graphics tool shows the finished product before ordering, which is a little like being in a high-tech workshop. But easier and hopefully a lot cozier!

Macorner stresses that aspiring designers need not fear. They will have plenty of real live people-type help at the ready too. Throughout the holiday season, its agents will be providing personalised support 24/7, working as quickly as possible to answer questions and fulfil special requests.

“We know that it’s natural to get excited and maybe even a little anxious when you give a unique gift for the first time,” says Liam, “but we’ve made the process fun and stress-free. You or your beloved parents or your important others will receive a top-quality, personalised gift and everyone will end up feeling very nice.”

But don’t wait. Because gifting late is naughty, isn’t it?