JCI-accredited American International Hospital (AIH) committed to American standard service quality

January 19, 2023 - 11:01
American International Hospital (AIH) is the first international hospital in Việt Nam to apply both JCI and American standards in design and construction, diagnosis and treatment, and management and operation. After achieving JCI (Joint Commission International, USA) accreditation through the first extremely rigorous survey in November 2022, American International Hospital (AIH) is proud of its ability to meet comprehensive international standards to ensure the highest patient safety.

JCI – the Golden Seal for global hospital safety and quality

Founded in 1994, JCI is an independent and not-for-profit organisation that is highly influential in more than 100 countries worldwide.

JCI standards are applied to healthcare organisations and hospitals outside the US for patient safety and medical care. It is recognised for its world-class reputation for safety and quality in patient care, treatment efficiency improvement and hospital governance that hospitals around the globe are longing for.

American International Hospital (AIH) has been officially accredited with the JCI Gold Seal since November 2022

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American International Hospital (AIH) started the JCI journey in 2018 on the advice of a delegation of JCI experts that cohesively support quality improvement through procedures developed, professional training sessions and regular tracing activities conducted, along with initiative programs periodically and drills on patient safety. These activities aim to reduce risks, limit incidents, and uphold patient safety culture practices.

Simultaneously, with the signing of a collaboration agreement with Johns Hopkins Medicine International—the global division of Johns Hopkins Medicine, a world-leading healthcare system in clinical research and academic education with nearly 130 years of experience — AIH also has received professional advice and supports from Johns Hopkins’ experts with extensive experience in preparing for JCI accreditation and meeting or exceeding JCI performance standards.

"Achieving JCI accreditation is a "sweet fruit" for the determination and efforts of the AIH team of doctors, nurses, and clinical and non-clinical staff, as well as a statement to our commitment to pursuing American standard service quality for patient safety and medical care,” said Ms Nguyen Thi My Linh, Chief Executive Officer of American International Hospital (AIH).

JCI Gold Seal of Approval is not an award but a journey of quality commitment

For AIH, quality and patient safety are more than goals. They are a never-ending journey that has defined AIH since day one. JCI Gold Seal of Approval is one of the very first milestones demonstrating our commitment and continuing effort toward improving the safety and experience of our patients and reaching the highest level of healthcare services in Việt Nam.

The JCI (Joint Commission International) standards comprise seven patient-centred standards criteria and six healthcare management standards chapters, which include international patient safety goals, access to care and continuity of care, patient-centred care, assessment of patients, caring of patients, Anesthesia and Surgical care, medication management and use, quality improvement and patient safety, prevention and control of infections, governance, leadership, and direction, facility management and safety, staff qualification and education, and management of information, featuring 282 standards and around 1200 measurement elements.

AIH owns advanced and state-of-the-art facilities

JCI standards are regularly updated based on monitoring and evaluation of daily operation and patient care, and development tendencies of the global healthcare industry. Since then, JCI will make proper adjustments and standardise the procedures every three years to help medical units limit medical errors and risks for patients.

“The JCI Gold Seal of Approval® is not an award; achieving it does not mean stopping and ‘resting on our laurels’, but it is a consistent pathway that the AIH team need to keep moving forward,” said Ms Nguyen Thi My Linh.

Putting patient safety as to top priority, American International Hospital (AIH) constantly improves the standard of healthcare services. In addition to standardising service quality and service experience space, AIH focuses on updating modern medical equipment and applying diagnostic and treatment techniques according to American standards through well-applied JCI standards and a long-term collaboration agreement with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, the global division of Johns Hopkins Medicine, a leading medical system in the US in particular and the world in general.

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At AIH, American standards are applied in design and construction, diagnosis and treatment, management and operation

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In the phase 2 collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, AIH will receive support from Johns Hopkins Medicine International through training activities and knowledge, techniques and technology in diagnosis and treatment, and operation and management. The American International Hospital (AIH) will periodically organise training and education, exchange experiences and update advanced medical knowledge to help improve the doctors’ competence. Simultaneously, AIH implements multi-discipline in patient-centred diagnosis and care, enhances communication effectiveness with patients and encourages them to participate in the treatment process.

In response to patient trust and love, along with the milestone of achieving the JCI Gold Seal of Approval, American International Hospital (AIH) will keep adhering to American standards, putting patient safety first, and constantly improving the healthcare service quality. Furthermore, American International Hospital (AIH) strives to become the most trustworthy healthcare service provider following American standard, a place that provides the best treatment and consultation for any patient's needs when they have health issues.

For further information, please visit https://aih.com.vn