Five experiences that can't be missed in Phú Quốc this Lunar New Year

January 18, 2023 - 15:42
Tourists coming to Phú Quốc this Lunar New Year can experience it all, from romantic and suspenseful emotions to being overwhelmed with exciting new art and entertainment experiences.

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Exploring Sunset Town – The Town of Arts and Festivals

Sunset Town is located along the side of the southwest coast of Pearl Island, leaning against the hill slope. This romantic town features nearly 60 elaborately invested iconic works of art, such as the 'art museum' Sun Signature Gallery, which architect 'witch' Bill Bensley created, and Kiss Bridge, an architectural masterpiece on the sea as beautiful as a sculpture by Italian architect Marco Casamonti, and the Central Village clock tower inspired by the bell tower of Basilica of St. Mark, the tallest tower in Venice, Italy.

Sunset Town is also the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Việt Nam. At any location in the town, you can also watch the magical moment when the red sun paints colours on the artificial vintage-themed walls, over the shimmering sea, or drop in the middle of the thin gap between the ends of the Kiss Bridge. Sunset watching in Sunset Town should be on the list of things to do at least once.

A series of new beachfront restaurants opened recently, including Runam cafe, milk tea, Japanese food, and high-class seafood with famous delicious restaurants such as Draft Beer, or the lively Teatro Club bar by the sea. Sunset Town is gradually becoming the new culinary and festival centre of the south of Pearl Island.

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Kiss Bridge – to kiss or propose?

Kiss Bridge deserves to be the most romantic destination among romantic destinations as a beautifully designed sculpture by the sea. At sunset, the bridge is ideal for couples to meet in front of the boundless space of the sea, sky, and the colourful Sunset Town like Amalfi town of Italy.

The bridge is made up of two independent branches 400m long, meeting in the middle of the sky and separated at a distance of 30cm – a short enough distance for two people standing at opposite ends of the bridge to exchange a romantic kiss.

In the first moment of 2023, a tourist proposed to his girlfriend amid fireworks overwhelming the sky at Kiss Bridge. The Kiss Bridge performed its 'mission' - to become a "matchmaker", a witness to a happy relationship.

This Lunar New Year, there is no need to search Google for hundreds of perfect options to propose to your other half. Instead, it would be best if you came to Kiss Bridge, where the answer to every hundred-year-old question will surely have the same happy answer.

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Catching the world trend with a top-notch multimedia show - Kiss The Stars

Along with Kiss Bridge, this Lunar New Year, Phú Quốc is also impressed by a multimedia show called Kiss The Star - 'A kiss between a thousand stars' on the sea surface of Sunset Town. It is produced by the creator of 60 hit shows across 17 countries - ECA2 company - Kiss The Stars is Asia's leading multimedia show on the large water surface.

A series of pioneering technologies, such as a 1000m2 aquatic stage, three-arch system, effects of water, fire, laser, and light and the combination of performances of international artists, create a magical three-dimensional space about a romantic love story across space and time.

If you have ever marvelled at the majestic world-famous shows such as Wing of Times, Legend of Pangu, Kiss The Stars will elicit similar strong emotions.

Kiss The Stars will combine a fireworks show to welcome the new year on January 23rd-25th, 2023 (the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of the first lunar month). Tickets for the show are only 250,000 VND for a regular ticket and 350,000 VND for a VIP ticket - children under 1m tall can enter for free.

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Excitment every second with Sun World Phu Quoc entertainment complex

If you love thrills and exploring, Sun World Phu Quoc is ready to bring tourists into an exciting world with countless leading entertainment games in Southeast Asia this Lunar New Year.

From the world's longest sea-crossing cable car to experience the feeling of flying in the middle of the ocean, tourists love the exhilarating Exotica theme park. The adventure games that should not be missed include the wooden roller coaster 'The Anger of the Wooden Snake', which reaches speeds of up to 80km/h and the 'Eagle Eye' - a 360-degree observatory that takes tourists to a height of 120m to capture the magnificent natural sight of Hon Thom.

For families spending time together during the Lunar New Year, there is the Aquatopia Water Park at Hon Thom, which has six themed zones with 21 leading modern Asian games and hundreds of amazing check-ins that will surely consume an entire day filled with excitement.

Ticket prices for the cable car experience and unlimited fun at Sun World Phu Quoc in 2023 is 450,000 VND (excluding buffet) for tourists under 1m4 and 600,000 VND (excluding buffet) for tourists over 1m4. Children under 1m are free.

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Experiencing the local Tết flavour 

It would be a mistake to visit 'The world's leading natural attractive island' without immersing yourself in charming beaches such as Bai Kem, Bai Trao, or Bai Sao. Here, tourists can easily participate in marine activities such as snorkeling and water motoring, or enjoy local cuisine at countless restaurants from popular to high-class ones.

Herring salad, bun quay (stirring noodles), Ham Ninh crabs, oc gai (murex shells), sea urchins, holothurian, grouper, and more are available, and tourists are always welcome to explore the appealing seafood world.

The Lunar New Year is an opportunity for tourists to better understand the customs of the people through typical festivals such as the Nghinh Ong Festival, Dinh Ba Ong Lang Festival, Nguyen Trung Truc Festival, Trai Dan Sung Hung Co Tu Festival, and Dinh Than Duong Dong Festival.

Traveling to Phu Quoc in 2023 is full of attractions. There are few destinations that are both beautiful in nature and landscape architecture, as well as having as many entertainment and culinary experiences as this beautiful island.