Sunset Town in Phú Quốc praised by Australian newspaper

February 20, 2023 - 11:50
The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian newspaper, recommends tourists to visit Sunset Town in the South of Phú Quốc Island, a destination with Mediterranean beauty similar to distant Italy.

Sunset Town - an Italian beauty in the heart of Phú Quốc

The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian newspaper, recommends tourists to visit Sunset Town in the South of Phú Quốc Island, a destination with Mediterranean beauty similar to distant Italy.

"A massive gladiator statue standing next to Roman ruins. A restaurant with a Vespa parked in front, next to a sign leading to the ruins of Pompeii, which appear to be only a few meters from Siena, Italy.

"But, we are not in Italy, we are on Sunset Town of Phú Quốc Island, half a world away," a leading Australian travel site has said, confirming that "tourists will be surprised when exploring every corner of this town."

Sunset Town is the perfect combination of the beauty of the Italian Mediterranean town and the charming "soul" of the tropical sea area of Vietnam.

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The article praises all the Italian beauties gathered in Sunset Town, such as clean streets, fountains, pots of red geraniums, statues and reliefs, and constructions like the ruins of Pompeii or the Colosseum. In particular, the author is also impressed with the Italian beauty in the localized Sunset Town.

"How do the pale terracotta steps leading down to the beach of the Gulf of Thailand fit so well?".

While wandering around Sunset Town and watching the villas, large and small hotels, and commercial townhouses, all the beautiful roads will lead you towards the Kiss Bridge. This new construction will surely make visitors admire it. Kiss Bridge recently featured in a music video collaboration between singer Duc Phuc and 911.

When the sun sets, slightly kissing the faraway sea, the last light of the day paints pink and orange on the floating clouds, Kiss Bridge appears magically like a sculpture on the sea surface.

Kiss Bridge creates excitement with its beautiful sunset scene, although it has not been officially introduced.

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As a part of Sunset Town, the bustling An Thoi station will take tourists to the world's longest cable car in Phú Quốc. This aerial "observatory" opened in 2018, offering unlimited views of the An Thoi archipelago. With a speed of about 30 km/h, tourists can see the entire emerald-green sea of Phú Quốc and the colourful fishing village. After the high-altitude excursion, you will arrive in Hon Thom, which has spectacular natural beauty and a popular water park in Vietnam. The author is also particularly impressed with the international dancers in the resort, who put on impressive performances.

"This is an attractive destination, so it is not difficult to understand that the cable car cabins are often crowded on weekends and holidays," the author said.

After the discoveries in the South of Phú Quốc Island and Sunset Town, the author expressed the impression of the outstanding development of the area, which includes the world's longest cable car, hotels and resorts, and, in particular, the Sunset Town of the "giant" Sun Group.

Every corner of Sunset Town exudes the charm of distant Italy.

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Phú Quốc - The most attractive destination in Vietnam

The article also put in good words for Phú Quốc, an island located in the Gulf of Thailand that is only an hour's flight from Ho Chi Minh City. The island's north is covered by jungle and is home to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - Phú Quốc National Park. Meanwhile, in the south, there are the impressive works introduced above.

The longest cable car route in the world takes tourists to admire the panoramic view of Sunset Town and the emerald-green sea of Phú Quốc.

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The travel site also recommends that tourists to Phú Quốc must definitely visit Phú Quốc Prison, a famous historical museum known as "hell" on earth. The French colonialists built the prison in 1946 to house Vietnamese patriots. Statues in stuffy cell rooms recreate the cruel and bizarre torture methods used on prisoners or rudimentary tunnels, highlighting the heroes' bravery. At one point, this 400-hectare prison held up to 40,000 people.

In addition, Phú Quốc is also home to fish sauce, one of the important ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine, which is loved worldwide. In 2021, fish sauce was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam as a national intangible cultural heritage. Visit a fish sauce establishment at Phú Quốc and learn how anchovies are salted and fermented in huge wooden barrels.

The article also introduces tourists to experience squid fishing at sunset, visit a pearl farming facility, try street foods in the Phú Quốc night market, visit Bai Sao, explore Phú Quốc National Park in the northeast of the island with 27,000 hectares of forest and 20,000 hectares of surrounding sea, and experience forest trekking, and encounters with monkeys and wild animals.

Kiss The Stars - Asia's largest show of multimedia technology on the water - is an experience that cannot be missed in Sunset Town.

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Phú Quốc possesses all the characteristics that international tourists love in Vietnam: excellent cuisine, warm and friendly people, and long-standing history. The article praises Phú Quốc for its beauty and charm, claiming that it deserves to be on the favourite Australian vacation destinations list.