'I Do' music video, shot on Kiss Bridge, wows fans

February 13, 2023 - 10:50
Many fans have been raving about 'I Do', a music video from Duc Phuc, released on February 9.

The super romantic proposal moments at Kiss Bridge

“Both ear-grabbing and eye-pleasing.”

“I have listened to it a billion times, but I still get emotional at the proposal scene on the bridge - it is so poetic”.

“The scenes of the actor and actress dancing on the bridge when the sunset came out is top-notch.”

“Việt Nam is so beautiful.”

Many fans have been raving about 'I Do', a music video from Duc Phuc, released on February 9.

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In a new twist on an old classic, the song 'I Do' has been reinterpreted by a rising Vietnamese star, Duc Phuc, and features a surprise appearance from the popular boyband 911. Dubbed by many as a 'Valentine's Hymn', the music video has captivated young audiences with its stirring melodies and emotional scenes.

The video takes place on Kiss Bridge in Phu Quoc, where the main couple shares a tender moment as they dance and exchange vows at sunset. As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky is painted with hues of pink and orange, creating an ethereal, fairy-tale-like atmosphere. With its dreamy setting and touching gestures, the music video is sure to tug at the heartstrings of all who watch it.

Ms Hoang Lan of Hà Nội shares her thoughts.

“The scene of two people dancing on the bridge and the man kneeling in the sunset is the most impressive moment in the music video. It is a lovely scene where the sea and the sky meet, and love blossoms. No place can express the beauty of love like Kiss Bridge.”

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The music video release for "I Do" has generated widespread excitement among audiences, who have been captivated by the stunning scenery on display in the video's main location, Kiss Bridge. 

Kiss Bridge - the world’s destination

In the music video 'I Do', Kiss Bridge raises public excitement and has become a phenomenon again because of its artistic beauty, like a sculpture on the sea.

The unique design that crosses the sea makes this bridge remarkable. Visitors go there to take a leisurely walk and enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful sunset town, which looks like a colourful Italian coastal city in Phu Quoc.

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The bridge is created of two independent branches, 400 metres long, reaching the middle of the sea. The bridge's two ends are not connected but are 30cm apart, comparable to the vibration of love. The incredible sunset light will fulfil these vibrations or distances in the twilight and the sweet kiss of the couples creates a brilliant, shimmering and romantic scene between the sea and the sky of Pearl island.

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By choosing Kiss Bridge to shoot the MV 'I do', the legendary boyband 911 once again shows that the bridge is the rendezvous point of couples, a 'citadel' for wedding albums and the destination of the whole world.

Holding hands and walking down the street with the colours of the sunset, listening to the echo of time from the clock tower reaching into the sky, and taking in the beautiful sunset on the beach, those are moments that can only be found when going to a marriage proposal, as beautiful as a symphony that people want to immerse themselves in forever.

According to architects, Kiss Bridge was inspired by the painting 'The Creation Of Adam' by famous artist Michelangelo and the Vietnamese legend of Ong Ngau and Ba Ngau. From the first sketch of the bridge, talented Italian architect Marco Casamonti said: “Beyond the functions of an ordinary bridge, this is the construction of a dream”.

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And, indeed, the bridge has drawn the dream of eternal love moments with its cultural codes and with the absolute favour of mother nature with the moments when the sea and sky harmonize could not be more beautiful.

Although it is in the final stage of completion, Kiss Bridge caught the attention of young people when it appeared in the MVs of Duc Phuc and 911. The bridge promises to become an iconic Việt Nam construction and write a new legend soon after its inauguration.