South Phu Quoc recreates Pearl Island’s tourism map

February 03, 2023 - 11:33
With its high-class resort complexes, artistic architectural works, and numerous new experience services, South Phu Quoc always remains the brightest and most impressive star of island tourism for more than a decade.

A rendezvous for travel connoisseurs

Choosing 2018 as a milestone of tourism, if visitors come to Phu Quoc looking for a place that is both luxurious and modern, with a variety of natural entertainment experiences, taxi drivers on Pearl Island will not hesitate to take them directly to the South Island. The rapid development of tourism in Southern Phu Quoc over the last five years has shaped the image of this destination. It is a fashionable "tourism hub" that attracts high-spending domestic and international tourists. 

Not many people remember that An Thoi ward, with the image of modern resorts and entertainment complexes and magnificent architectural works, was once a poor fishing village, without electricity, beaches full of trash, and non-existent tourism services. Children born after 2018 in Phu Quoc and immigrants only know that the South Island is a diverse entertainment world, a "high-class area" as they tell tourists every day.

For many years, the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort has received prestigious World Travel Awards, such as the world's most luxurious theme resort and the world's leading luxury wedding resort.

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The South Island's transformation journey began in 2015, when Sun Group officially invested in constructing many important projects here. Nam Phu Quoc's first 5-star hotel - the famous JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, was finally inaugurated at the end of 2016.

Following that, the picture of a dynamic, modern South Phu Quoc was constantly being filled with new colours. Sun Group invests in over 50 projects in the high-class entertainment - resort - real estate ecosystem, breathing new life into South Phu Quoc and transforming the South Island from a poor "fishing village" into the “hottest” destination for travelling, relaxing and entertaining. 

Among them are projects that have become "brands" of Phu Quoc such as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort; Hon Thom cable car or Aquatopia Water Park. Other names are always in the top choices of tourists such as New World Phu Quoc Resort, and Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay.

In the past year, Sun Group has created a series of new “masterpiece” products, including Sunset Town - The Land of Love and Art, which is expected to bring the South Island to the centre of festivals and events.

Sunset Town is the leading resort and entertainment destination on Pearl Island.

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The Land of Love and Art

Sunset Town's Mediterranean architectural style captivates visitors with its ancient and romantic Italian beauty on every street corner. There are unique artistic architectural works such as the "art museum" Sun Signature Gallery designed by wizard architect Bill Bensley; Central Village clock tower or ancient European reconstructions such as Pompeii Ancient Stone Pillar, Arc de Triomphe, ceramic road.

Sunset Town not only offers entertainment during the day but also at night with a unique art experience space with a series of appealing events and shows all year round.

Street shows during the Lunar New Year "warm up" the streets of Sunset Town.

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Most recently during the Lunar New Year, a street show every afternoon with 12 performances and spectacular fireworks bursting in the middle of the ocean in the show “Kiss The Stars 3 days of Lunar New Year”, has made travel connoisseurs admire Sunset Town - the new destination of Phu Quoc.

From December 2022, the show "Kiss The Stars - The Kiss Between a Thousand Stars" was officially launched in Sunset Town, becoming a new highlight in the journey to discover the South Island. Kiss The Stars is now performed every day, attracting thousands of visitors. The show is elaborately staged, using world-class multimedia technology, with a combination of fire, water, light, lasers and music. Soon, the show will make visitors even more "excited" when there is a combination of fireworks and performances by international dancers.

Not far from Kiss The Stars' monumental 5,000-seat stage, the Sun Signature Gallery "art museum" also regularly lights up for music nights and impressive fashion events, typically the Sun Memory series of events by director Long Kan. Sunset Town is becoming more dynamic with the synchronous and methodical investment of Sun Group, with a chain of cafes, bars, and restaurants close to the sea that is always crowded with tourists.

Show Kiss The Stars with an extremely satisfying ending with fireworks during the Lunar New Year.

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Travel enthusiasts are especially excited about the Proposal show, which is set to premiere in April 2023. With a special design of two branches reaching 400m in the middle of the sea, Proposal will be the top destination to watch the beautiful sunset by the Southern sea of ​​Phu Quoc. Moreover, there is a small gap between the two branches that can only be filled by sweet kisses. The bridge is a witness to millions of beautiful love moments between couples all over the world.

Newly launched works and products such as Sunset Town, Proposal, and Kiss The Stars are key parts in making the South Island a bright spot on the Phu Quoc tourism map, promising to become a magnet for international visitors again in 2023.