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Plenty of road left to run for EVs in Việt Nam

Vietnamese automaker VinFast is continuing its planned expansion into the US with a $2-billion plant in North Carolina, as well as shifting its legal and financial headquarters to Singapore ahead of a potential public listing.


Maths teacher adds pencil art to class

High school maths teacher Dương Văn Kiên in the central city of Đà Nẵng has a unique way of encouraging his students, presenting them with his elegant handmade pencil sculptures.

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Youth at the crossroads of life

May is a month of extreme feelings every year: it's farewell to friends, teachers, and school. Students get their summer break and will not see their friends for about 10 weeks, and then they switch to a higher class or a new phase of their lives. Some say goodbye to their adolescence to find a job to support themselves or find a spot at higher education institutions.