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Lee Elder Deserves Hall of Fame Recognition

Update: April, 23/2017 - 09:00
Viet Nam News

I just recently read an article about Lee Elder, who was the first black men to play in The Masters. He won on the PGA Tour four times and qualified for the 1979 Ryder Cup team. Sadly, the story was how he was overlooked once again for a spot in the Hall of Fame.

When I read that type of story, the first thing I do is mentally compare him to another groundbreaker, Jackie Robinson, the legendary baseball player who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball.

Of course, their records are a bit different.

Robinson was a six-time All-Star, a World Series Champion, National League MVP, Rookie of the Year, led the National League in stolen bases twice and even had his jersey number (42) retired by ALL the MLB teams.

Oh yeah, he also received the Congressional Golf Medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and was the first black vice-president of a major American corporation.

Lee Elder doesn’t have that kind of pedigree, but he is something special all the same and, I believe, deserves to be in the PGA Tour Hall of Fame someday.

It’s not easy to be a pioneer and that type of achievement should be noted so other kids will be inspired to make a difference in their own lives.

What’s also funny is that I also saw a story from Golf Digest, gushing about how they claim Tiger Woods was swinging a club again and, apparently, pain free.

What the story said once you opened to it was that Tiger only hit two 100-yard pitching wedges, and neither of them was anything special. In fact, they kinda alluded to the fact they were… meh. I say “alluded to” because even the lazy ass “journalist” who put the item in Golf Digest NEVER EVEN SAW THE SHOTS AND WASN’T EVEN THERE.

He cited people who claimed to have been there. Unbelievable. Is this what Donald Trump meant when he called the mainstream media “Fake News?” We certainly seem to be heading in that direction.

And why should this even be given any ink when someone like Lee Elder hoping someday for the Hall of Fame is buried deep inside instead of on the cover?

Is the media so fixated on Tiger Woods that they are desperate enough to start manufacturing stories just to find a way to keep his name in print. Yes, Tiger news sells and makes life easier for lazy journalists, but two lousy wedges earns a headline?

What’s coming next?
“Tiger Woods has bowel movement?” Yeah, and would probably have a GIF accompanying it.

I am truly fed up with all this Tiger BS and idiots who will not let it go.

Tiger, you’re close to a billionaire, you will NEVER dominate like before. You can barely move. Start thinking “quality of life” instead of past glories that you will NEVER do again. Such is the fate of all professional athletes eventually. Just lie down already and let the world move on.

If anyone is looking for a Caddying job on the LPGA, it appears that Lydia Ko is looking for a new one after firing Gary Matthews after only nine events. She previously sacked Jason Hamilton who managed to help her to 10 of her 14 victories.

In three years, Ko has gone through nine caddies and an instructor, David Leadbetter, who said her parents interfere too much and she needs to learn to make her own decisions.

Yeah, good luck with that.

YOU try telling an Asian girl to not listen to her parents… hihi. I know 40 year old girls who still live with their parents here in Việt Nam and do whatever the parents say.

That’s the culture and you ain’t gonna change it David.

I will say that the caddie/player relationship is not an easy one because it is built on trust and respect. Smarter players on Tour searched high and low for the perfect caddie because not all are created equal.

Some caddies are great with some players, but horrible with others. This is the nature of a relationship in general. It’s like a marriage of sorts.

If Lydia Ko has gone through nine caddies in three years, perhaps the problem doesn’t lie with the caddie, but with her. VNS



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