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Looking out from the Top of Hanoi

Update: November, 15/2020 - 07:13
SWEET TREAT: Bombe Alaska, a three-flavoured ice cream cake and a must when dining at Top of Hanoi.

 Thúy Hằng

Perched on the 65th-floor rooftop of the Lotte Hotel, Top of Hanoi offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Hà Nội skyline and serves modern brasserie-style cuisine. It’s certainly a place worth splurging on.

The lounge opens at 5pm -- the best time to enjoy the sunset and dive into the restaurant’s diverse menu of food and beverages as twilight descends.

Any seat at Top of Hanoi is sure to woo you with views not found elsewhere. I always feel as though I’m about to fly over all of those roofs down below.

TOUCHING THE CLOUDS: Top of Hanoi is a wonderful place to chill out and enjoy the spectacular view of Hà Nội at night.

Top of Hanoi is the highest open-air restaurant in the capital, boasting authentic brasserie cuisine, stylish drinks, trendy music from DJs, and, above all, breathtaking panoramic views that are sure to delight.

The smog had cleared the day we were there and we were treated to a rare sight -- a colourful sunset over the city.

Just like Việt Nam’s capital, which is full of vitality, energy and colour, the rooftop restaurant is shrouded in different hues from its lighting -- the perfect setting to take your time and check out the menu.

To get things started, I ordered a Caesar salad - a safe choice for any European culinary experience. The ingredients all came together, such as bacon, croutons, Romaine hearts, parmesan, and anchovies. I have tried this dish many times at many different places but the Top of Hanoi’s version is clearly prepared with care. Many restaurants forego the anchovies, which are there to provide a briny blast.

Next up was rib-eye steak. Juicy, tender and full of flavour, it was simply irresistible. Accompanied by a glass of Château La Croix de Queynac from Bordeaux, it’s the beginning of a perfect night of indulgence. I decided instead on a Pink Passion, a cool and refreshing tropical mixture of mango, orange, pineapple and passion fruit juice.

SOUND STARTER: Caesar Salad, a safe choice when dining European.

The rib-eye was quite a large portion, at 250 grams I think, and was served with mashed potatoes and salad. If you have space for yet another delicacy, I recommend the seafood pasta in spicy tomato sauce -- a plate full of fresh and tender squid, prawns, and scallops.

 A special dessert you should try, to cool the body and the mind, is Bombe Alaska ice-cream cake. The three flavoured cake coated with burnt sugar costs VNĐ200,000 but is enough for two or three people. Such a sweet end to wonderful time chilling out.

The night takes on an exciting tone at Top of Hanoi as lights start to flash and a DJ takes the stage and spins a hot mix from 8pm on weekdays and 8.30pm on weekends.

The time will eventually come when other restaurants rise higher than Top of Hanoi, but it will always remain a wonderful place to look out over a city full of life, energy and colour. VNS 

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