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Delicacies delivered to sooth gourmands amid pandemic

Update: April, 19/2020 - 08:57

S Villa Restaurant

Add: 128 Mai Hắc Đế St, Hoàn Kiếm Dist, Hà Nội

Hotline: 0358588886




The restaurant presents a rich range of Western delicacies. To serve gourmands at home, it's offering a 30 per cent discount for all wine, a 20 per cent discount for all European dishes and free delivery for orders within 5km a radius of the restaurant. The must-try dishes include Op rib beef, Tomahawk steak, Angus beef in pepper sauce, Australian beef in pepper sauce, grilled salmon with passion fruit sauce and Mexican pizza. Their special sauce that's cooked for hours is one of the things that impressed me the most. Various salads are ideal to serve with meaty dishes.


Súp Cua Chị Bụi (Mrs Bụi’s Crab Soup)

Add 1: 108 Yên Lãng St, Đống Đa Dist and 44 Nguyễn Trường Tộ St, Ba Đình Dist, Hà Nội

Tel: 0833252526




It’s like a paradise for crab lovers. I was impressed by the big bowl of soup topped with plenty of crab meat, a century egg, mushrooms and a quail egg. It’s like no other. There is no doubt that the crab soup here is rich in nutrition. It’s also well garnished. Last but not least, the toppings can be dipped in the special Thai sauce which is sweet and sour, before enjoying every drop of the soup. It’s like eating two-in-one dish. The signature dish is the hot soup of course, but bánh canh cua (crab noodle soup) is worth a try. The broth used for the dish is made from fresh crab so it’s very sweet and nutritious.


The Urban Kitchen Hanoi

Add: 15 Hoàng Cầu St, Đống Đa Dist, Hà Nội

Tel: 0936330406




Though the shop only serves balanced food, its menu is rich enough to fill your stomach for a week without boredom. If I have one word to say about the Urban Kitchen Hanoi, it’s “healthy”. My favourite options are chicken curry rice, which is very mild, and the grilled beef salad. The medium rare beef is pink, soft and juicy. For lunch or dinner, I always have a good choice to keep fit and satisfy my tastebuds.


Hiếu Sinh Restaurant

Add: 5 Hoàng Ngọc Phách St, Đống Đa Dist, Hà Nội

Hotline: 0912833838, 024 32060708





It’s a favourite among both local and foreign vegans. All the ingredients are vegan, natural and mock-meat. I recommend the crispy dishes, salads and hotpot, all made from mushrooms, vegetables, asparagus, tofu and fruit. It’s a wonderful retreat during this social distancing time. The main courses are varied from noodles to rice. The desserts are lovely with various types of cakes and chè (sweet soup). The price is very reasonable given the quality of the food. I've been a regular guest at this restaurant since it opened in 2015. The only disadvantage is its distance from the city centre, but now it doesn’t matter as the food can be delivered to your door.


Nét Huế chain

Hotline: 19009077, 0968296433, 0912587887





The chain of 14 restaurants in Hà Nội has been closed due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. However, you can still enjoy Huế cuisine now the chain has moved to delivery mode. The fame of Huế gastronomy has gone beyond the country’s borders thanks to the ingredients, sophisticated recipes, decor and balanced nutrition. Nét Huế preserves the quintessence of the former royal capital city’s cuisine. My picks include bún bò (beef noodles Huế style), cơm hấp lá sen (lotus leaf-steamed rice), cuốn thịt nướng (grilled pork wrapped in rice paper with vegetables) and cuốn thịt luộc tôm chua (boiled pork wrapped with vegetables served with sour shrimp paste). You should not miss the chance to enjoy various cakes and chè for dessert that bring fame to Huế's street food.


Thế Giới Hải Sản (World of Seafood) chain

Hotline: 090 604 26 26





 It’s no doubt that the seven restaurants in the chain serve the best seafood in Hà Nội and HCM City. You will be overwhelmed by a menu of seafood from different parts of the country as well as imported options such as Canadian lobster and king crab. The fresh seafood is served sashimi-style, grilled, steamed or in a hotpot. The menu covers clams, snails, squids, oysters, fishes, abalone, crabs and lobsters. Now you can order fresh seafood and cook it at home or enjoy ready-to-eat dishes. Now it’s easy to experience a taste of the ocean from the comfort of home. VNS


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