Hòa Bình to face People's Police in V.League 2 opener, expects top five finish

April 05, 2023 - 11:13
Hòa Bình FC will finally join the national professional football tournaments when they host PVF-People's Police in the first round match of the V.League 2 on April 6.


Hòa Bình FC players seen in a practise. Hoà Bình will entertain PVF-People's Police in the V.League 2 on April 6. Photo courtesy of Hòa Bình FC

HOÀ BÌNH — Hòa Bình FC will finally join the national professional football league when it hosts PVF-People's Police in the first round match of the V.League 2 on April 6.

After two seasons competing in the second division league, Hoà Bình was one of two teams that earned slots to the higher level league, the V.League 2, where it will face nine other teams in a round robin format competition from April to August.

It is the first time that a football team from the Northwest region will play in the national professional football league.

During their sending-off ceremony on April 3, Hoà Bình's coaches and managers said they expected to grab high results and finish in top five.

"It is our first season so we will try to play well every match so that we can secure a place in the upper part of the ranking table," said coach Lê Quốc Vượng. "Honestly, it was difficult for us, a team of the second division, to earn a V.League 2 berth. It is a much tougher task to jump to the V.League 1. So we need time and good preparation to go stably step by step."

“I myself am not experienced enough and not ready to manage a V.League 1 team, so in the next two to three years, I think I should be realistic. For the three-year-old Hoà Bình FC, a V.League 1 target is still out of reach but we will definitely keep an eye on it in the near future," said Vượng, when asked if he wanted to play in the national premier league.

Coach Lê Quốc Vượng and his players at the sending-off ceremony on April 3. The team targets a top five placing. — Photo courtesy of Hòa Bình FC

President Nguyễn Xuân Hiển said his team would meet with many difficulties in the first season. However, players would compete with the fair-play spirit, dedication and efficiency to serve the local supporters' demands for a winner.

"Hoà Bình will compete in the tougher league this season. There will be more competitive matches awaiting them," said Bùi Thị Niềm, director of the Hoà Bình Province's Culture, Sports and Tourism Department. "But the presence of the team at the second-highest football competition makes our fans happy and they are all excited to watch games. I believe that with good preparation and strong determination, Hòa Bình FC will grab a high result in 2023."

This season, Hoà Bình introduces 29 players, most of them aged 18-24 and were members of the national U17, U20 and U23 squads.

Hoà Bình welcomes goalkeeper Vũ Tuyên Quang, who used to play in the premier league for Nam Định, Thanh Hóa and Topenland Bình Định. He was also called to the national team under coach Park Hang-seo to compete at the World Cup 2022 qualification.

Midfielder Vũ Hồng Quân, who previously played for V.League 1 side Sài Gòn FC and Japanese J.League 2 Ryukyu FC, has joined the team.

Eighty per cent of Hoà Bình players are under 22. The young team is expected to get on well together when playing competitive rivals in the V.League 2. — Photo courtesy of Hoà Bình FC

They will be supported by youngsters such as midfielder Trần Gia Huy, a graduate from Hoàng Anh Gia Lai JMG Football Centre, and 10 young players from Hà Nội FC's training centre.

"Hoà Bình is home to players from different localities with different personalities. It takes time for them to know each other and work smoothly as a team. I hope that they will understand my playing style and tactics and can apply them in matches for the best results," Vượng said.

Their opening match against PVF-People's Police will begin at 3.30pm and will be broadcast live on FPT Play channels. VNS