Malaysia, Singapore will host SEA Games 34, 35 respectively

May 12, 2022 - 20:34
The South-East Asia Games Federation (SEAGF) yesterday awarded the hosting of the 34th and 35th games to Malaysia and Singapore respectively.


The Southeast Asian Games Federation (SEAGF) Executive Board and Council meetings in Hà Nội, with the participation of 11 countries. VNA/VNS Photo Tuấn Đức

Thanh Nga

HÀ NỘI — The South-East Asia Games Federation (SEAGF) yesterday awarded the hosting of the 34th and 35th games to Malaysia and Singapore respectively.

The news was released at the SEAGF Meeting at the Việt Nam National Convention Centre, on the sidelines of the ongoing SEA Games 31 in Hà Nội.

Attending the meetings were the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Chairman of the Việt Nam Olympic Committee Nguyễn Văn Hùng, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoàng Đạo Cương and representatives of 11 Southeast Asian (SEA) countries.

Speaking at the function, Minister Hùng emphasised that since the second chief-de-mission meeting on March 18 in Hà Nội, it can be said that together countries overcame difficulties and obstacles in order to prepare the material facilities, techniques and necessary conditions to organize the Games.

“At the second chief-de-mission meeting, we resolved many important issues, and with responsibility as the host country, Việt Nam listened to the opinions of the leaders of teams, made efforts to overcome difficulties, mobilised resources, material and technical facilities to focus on organising the Games,” Hùng said.

Hùng said that the SEAGF also recognised the efforts of its members not only to respond positively but also send their athletes to compete in 40 sports at the Games this year.

Many competitions of the Games have started and athletes have brought glory to their countries. The atmosphere of the Games in Hà Nội and many localities in the country is "heating up". The competition’s management was carried out in accordance with the rules of the SEAGF.

Hùng also said that sports competitions will spread the values of culture and people of the countries, affirming the solidarity and friendship among countries in the region. At the Games 31 held in Việt Nam, the delegations also received a lot of love from the Vietnamese people and there were exchanges among the delegations in the spirit of friendship. These show the efforts of countries for a stronger Southeast Asia, like the spirit of the Games.

The minister said the Games’ opening ceremony showed the aspirations of development, the desire to join hands to build and develop the sports movement in particular and the sustainable and prosperous development of the Southeast Asian region in general.

Hùng also emphasised that the host country Việt Nam has made efforts to overcome challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic to organise the regional Games, and wishes to receive feedback from other countries. Việt Nam hopes to receive sincere comments to promptly overcome difficulties and problems.

At the meetings, the delegations discussed and shared experiences on regional sports issues, including how to widely develop sports in each country, improve the quality of sports and raise achievements of regional sports in the continent and world events.

Representatives of the Olympic Committees of the member countries also discussed many issues related to professional work; the anti-doping of athletes; and the schedule of SEA Games 32, 33, 34 and 35. Due to many countries facing COVID-related difficulties, the implementation of the Games’ charter on rotating the organisation of the Games according to alphabet has been postponed.

Cambodia will host the 32nd SEA Games next year, while Thailand will host the 33rd edition in 2025.