Gia Hân, youngest golfer in history to compete in national golf championship

April 19, 2022 - 08:47

She may only be 11 years old, but Nguyễn Viết Gia Hân is already making history.


At the age of 11, Nguyễn Viết Gia Hân has become the youngest golfer in history to compete in the National Golf Championship. Photo


HÀ NỘI — She may only be 11 years old, but Nguyễn Viết Gia Hân is already making history.

When she took to the first tee at the Vinfast Cup, she was not only be the youngster golfer to play at the National Golf Championship, but the youngest to ever player at a professional golf tournament in Việt Nam.

Hân next competes in the Vinpearl Golf Hải Phòng on April 19-23.

Hân was introduced to playing in 2018, at the age of eight, following her parents and brother to practice and play golf.

Then she studied the sport at the EPGA Golf Academy, one of the first golf academies in the country.

Hân’s father, Nguyễn Viết Thành, said: “In the beginning, Hân was tutored by a South African coach.

“His point was to make children love golf before teaching. Therefore, when learning golf, Hân as well as other children don’t have to worry about achievements or be under the pressure of learning golf, but they see each practice session as an entertainment.

“EPGA Academy has a 9-hole golf course, airy space, fresh air, beautiful landscape and is very suitable for the children.

“Hân and her friends often play golf together very happily. Every day, she is very excited to practice as he can see her teacher, and friends, having fun. There is no sign of boredom or wanting to quit."

Hân's passion for golf originated from the love of her family and was inspired by her parents. Not only investing time, effort and money, her parents accompanied her to every event.

“I find golf gives my daughter many things,” Thành said. “Playing golf helps her to exercise their physical strength and become healthier. In addition, she also practices self-discipline, independence and self-confidence, not only on the golf course, but also in study, communication as well as in daily life."

Golf has gradually become an indispensable part of her young life.

Sharing about Hân’s future plans, Thành said: "This year, Hân is only in grade five. She is still too young to orient her future. Currently, playing golf is still her hobby and joy. In the future, we will let her to choose her own path. She can play golf professionally or as an amateur golfer.

“If Hân wants to be a professional golfer, she must determine to practice seriously with investment and a long-term plan. We always stand behind and support her.”

After four years of playing golf, Hân soon achieved good results. She finished third place in the National Youth Golf Championship 2020 (Group U9) and won the first place in the women’s group of the Amber Hills - Opening Tournament held early this month.

During the awards ceremony at the Amber Hills - Opening Tournament, Lê Hùng Nam, general secretary of the Việt Nam Golf Association, co-head of the organising committee of the National Golf Championship 2022 was very impressed with Hân’s achievements.

He expressed his wish to give Hân a wild ticket to attend the national golf tournament. However, the female’s handicap at the national tournament is regulated to a maximum of 10.0, while Hân's is 8.6, so she doesn’t need to receive a wild ticket, but is eligible to participate in the tournament.

Not only Hân, the VinFast Cup also has the presence of many talented young golfers, the future of Vietnamese golf such as Nguyễn Anh Minh, Lê Chúc An and Lê Khánh Hưng.

Talking about Hân and other young talents of Vietnamese golf, Nam said: "For the first time in history, an 11-year-old golfer will participate in the National Golf Championship!

“For the first time, the national golf team have a carefully selected line-up with many young aces, they deserve to represent Vietnamese golf to participate in the regional, Asian and world events.

“Not to mention achievements, daring to engage in professional sports, being ready to compete for the country has been an extraordinary effort of golfers and their family. We will always be by their side.”


The National Golf Championship is scheduled to take place in the Vinpearl Golf Hải Phòng on April 19-23. Photo

This year’s national golf event attracts around 120 male and 40 female participants who will compete in four rounds on the Marshland course. Most of Việt Nam’s best golfers will compete at the tournament.

The tournament, which has a total prize value of up to VNĐ1.2 billion, limits the maximum handicap index for players to 6 for men and 10 for women to ensure high professional quality.

All golfers who are training in the national team to prepare for the 31st SEA Games in May will attend this tournament, which is considered an opportunity for them to compete before the regional sports festival.

Held since 2005, the National Golf Championship is the oldest golf tournament in Việt Nam and this is the only professional tournament of the year for Vietnamese golfers. VNS