Ministry of Education and Training circulates the draft law on teachers for public opinion

June 10, 2024 - 09:09
Retired teachers can also obtain certification to have their life-long service while there will be more stringent controls on how the teaching profession is regulated.
A foreign teacher at an English class in a primary school in Vĩnh Phúc Province. The introduction of PCTs is expected to tighten quality control over foreign nationals teaching in Việt Nam. — VNA/VNS Photo Nguyễn Thị Thảo

HÀ NỘI — The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) is seeking public input on the draft law on teachers, which is expected to be submitted to the Government for consideration in July.

The draft includes several new provisions including a comprehensive legal definition of who qualifies as a teacher, across all levels of education, defines their teaching activities and establishes standards linked to their job titles.

It also outlines their rights and obligations, the prohibited conduct by teacher-affiliated individuals and organisations and the penalties for any violations.

Another new provision centres around the Professional Certificates for Teachers (PCTs), documents issued by a specific public agency to those who meet teaching standards.

The drafting committee believes that the professional certificates will also improve how teacher can move around to different posts, as the nationally valid documents eliminate the need for repeat internships and training.

The introduction of PCTs is expected alongside the abolition of the old Training Certificates linked to teachers' job titles, so it will make exchange of teachers between countries easier and allow quality control over foreign nationals teaching in Việt Nam.

The draft has a smooth transition plan for the 1.6 million teachers who were recruited into the industry before the new law, they will be granted PCTs automatically without assessment.

Retired teachers can also obtain PCTs to have their life-long service recognised.

It is hoped that the draft will mean top teaching talent will not 'slip through the cracks' and all teachers will have equal opportunities to transfer jobs, to study oversea and take part in exchanges.

The draft lays down a new pay system, stipulating that teachers in private, non-public and autonomous educational institutions are paid no less than than their public counterparts with the same qualifications, if they have worked for the same number of years.

The committee said it was working on a pilot scheme to bring in more teachers who may not be 'employed by educational institutions but engage in teaching activities'.

Vũ Minh Đức, director of the Teachers and Educational Managers Department under the Ministry of Education and Training, said there are many online training courses for teachers but the absence of legal grounds makes them difficult to regulate.

"The drafting committee will pilot a scheme to oversee some of these individuals before incorporating the regulations on self-proclaimed teachers into the Law on Teachers in the future," said Đức.

According to Đức, individuals not employed by educational institutions but engaging in teaching activities can obtain PCTs if they meet requirements and pass the assessment exams. — VNS