Environmental hygiene efforts in Hà Nội to keep dengue at bay

September 18, 2023 - 08:00
Different localities in Hà Nội capital city have conducted many activities to prevent and control dengue fever.
A doctor examines a dengue fever patient at the Saint Paul Hospital in Hà Nội. — VNA/VNS Photo Minh Quyết

HÀ NỘI — Different localities in Hà Nội have conducted many activities to prevent and control dengue fever.

The activities were implemented after dengue fever in Hà Nội continued to rise, with more than 9,800 cases in 599 outbreaks from the beginning of this year to 14 September.

Three fatalities were reported.

Hà Đông District People's Committee launched the “Green Saturday” campaign on Saturday to protect the environment and prevent and control dengue fever.

The Chairwoman of the Hà Đông District People's Committee, Cấn Thị Việt Hà, said that every year the district organised various campaigns to clean the environment and kill larvae in the community.

In particular, cleaning up waste in residential areas, public spaces and roads was held every Saturday or Sunday morning by ward people’s committees.

Local authorities strictly inspect and penalise those dumping waste in improper places.

However, due to the vast area and complex residential situations, many residential areas have not actively participated in the activities. As a result, many places have not been cleaned up and treated promptly.

In the first nine months of this year, Hà Đông District has recorded over 500 cases of dengue fever, and the number of cases is expected to rise in the coming months.

In order for the "Green Saturday" campaign to yield practical results, Hà called for all levels and residents to actively participate, proactively implement measures, and cooperate with the health sector to prevent dengue fever in workplaces, homes, and the wider community.

Following the launch ceremony, soldiers, youth union members, and members of various organisations in Hà Đông District worked on cleaning the environment and eliminating larvae in key areas.

In Mê Linh District, communes and towns have intensified education efforts to raise awareness among residents about dengue fever prevention and control.

By the previous Monday, the district had reported 109 cases of dengue fever, primarily concentrated in Quang Minh Town, Mê Linh, and Hoàng Kim communes.

These outbreaks have been addressed using mosquito-killing chemicals.

In the spirit of proactive dengue prevention, all 18 communes and towns in the district established a network of 670 collaborators, a volunteer team comprising over 1,000 members, and 214 monitoring teams.

These teams inspected 55,847 out of 56,466 households, agencies, and public spaces in the district, achieving a coverage of 98.95 per cent.

As many as 8,233 out of 8,237 water containers with larvae were treated, achieving a success rate of 99 per cent.

Over 7,000 fish were released.

The Mê Linh District Medical Centre has organised over 20 campaigns to clean the environment and eradicate larvae in communes, towns, and schools.

In response to the ASEAN Day for Dengue Prevention and Control, the centre hosted an education day at the district health centre and in all 18 communes and towns.

The centre distributed 41,000 leaflets to households and regularly broadcast messages on the local radio system.

Along with environmental sanitation, local medical workers provided people with information about preventive measures, including detecting the disease, how to prevent it, treatment at home, and methods to eliminate larvae.

If someone suspects they have dengue fever, they are advised to seek medical attention at a nearby facility immediately. — VNS