Serious landslides in Phú Thọ caused by heavy rain

September 15, 2022 - 06:59
Heavy rain last weekend in Phú Thọ Province caused the level of the Đà River to rise, leading to landslides and washing away many local houses.
A section of road collapsed in Phú Thọ Province after last week's heavy rain. Photo

PHÚ THỌ — Heavy rain last weekend in Phú Thọ Province caused the level of the Đà River to rise, leading to landslides and washing away many local houses.

The provincial authorities and agencies have relocated flooded households.

Landslides on the banks of the Đà River, in Tu Vũ Commune, Thanh Thủy District, became more serious after the downpours, threatening the lives of local residents and crops.

On the morning of September 13, Tu Vũ Commune authorities discovered many landslides stretching up to hundreds of metres along inter-village roads.

Many cracks were detected in the walls of some houses in the commune.

Nguyễn Thị Hoa, a resident, said: "After last weekend’s rain, the water level rose to the highest level compared to recent years.”

“If flooding like this occurs in the near future, I am afraid that the risk of landslides on people's houses is inevitable.”

“Residents want the local government to soon take measures to help us feel secure.”

As one of 14 families living under the threat of landslides, Nguyễn Đình Trung said: "Two houses and hundreds of square metres of crops were swept away by flooding.

“If the landslide continues like this, we don’t know how to live."

Phan Sỹ Lập, head of Tu Vũ Commune's village Two, said that the concrete road was showing signs of serious sinkholes, with some sections eroded close to the walls of houses, making travel difficult.

“Local people expect that the riverbank embankment project will be implemented as soon as possible, preventing landslides,” Lập said.

Khuất Văn Dũng, Vice Chairman of Tu Vũ Commune, admitted that the current situation of landslides in village Two was dire.

“Two houses have collapsed, with holes along the road stretching about 600m, the lives of 50 local households are seriously affected.”

“The commune authorities promptly helped members of two houses move to a safe place.”

Dũng said in the coming days, the commune authorities will help households from high-risk areas with shelter and food.

After that, the commune will ask the district authorities and related agencies to build resettlement houses for people located in affected areas.

Severe potholes appeared along the inter-provincial road from Thanh Thủy to Hòa Bình. Đinh Thế Anh, head of Tu Vũ Commune’s village Six, said that due to the heavy rain, the amount of water pouring into the river was very large, causing landslides.

“We have to build warning signs along risky roads for people and vehicles.”

Nguyễn Trọng Luyện, head of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thanh Thủy District, said the district had reported the serious situation of landslides in Tu Vũ Commune to the People's Committee of Phú Thọ Province.

The district has also coordinated with the commune to create conditions for people to live or repair temporary houses, and was arranging land to build houses for households forced to move.

On September 12, Chairman of the Phú Thọ Province People’s Committee Bùi Văn Quang visited and directed the work of rescuing families in flooded areas.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development was asked to coordinate with localities to survey and soon build river embankments to protect Tu Vũ Commune’s residents and crops.

The Chairman also asked Thanh Thủy and Thanh Sơn districts to continue deploying warning signs and zoning dangerous landslide areas, and assign forces to regularly inspect and support people. VNS