Lê Quang Toán, a knight without shining armor

September 14, 2022 - 08:18
Although born different, Toán was given a passion for life and helping others, a passion that have been burning for 20 years.


From a kid with disabilities, Lê Quang Toán has become a man who contributed to his society. — Photo phunuvietnam.vn

QUẢNG BÌNH — Although born different, Toán was given a passion for life and helping others, a passion that has been burning for 20 years.

Born in August 1979 to a poor family in Quảng Bình, Toán entered the world as a premature baby weighing 1.1 kilograms.

The first two years of Toán's life was mostly in bed, which led to his head enlarging, while his arms and legs shrunk. It took Toán three more years to properly stand and walk. His father then built him a contraption with four wheels to help him practice walking.

Toán went to school at the age of 10, and could only write properly in the fourth grade. School was difficult not only because of his legs, but also the mocking of nearby children.

Although communication and writing were not easy for Toán, his memory was really good. Toán was able to memorise most of his teacher's lectures and textbook lessons. Very hard-working, he spent days and nights in his chase for knowledge.

In 2003, at the age of 24, Lê Quang Toán was admitted to the Computer Sciences Department of the Quảng Bình Industrial & Agricultural Technical School. When the campus organised a charity event, Toán supported it in his own ways.

Toán utilised the internet to ask for donations from patrons and organisations to fund school charity projects.

Although many people wrote him off as "being a fool for one's pains", as he is not even fully healthy, Toán was more resolved to work harder and help others.

In December 2012, the Hồ Chí Minh Communist Youth Union collaborated with United Nations Volunteers to organise the National Volunteers' Prize presented to five individuals and five organisations. Lê Quang Toán was one of the proud winners.

In 2013, Toán was further honoured with a certificate from the Prime Minister, as well as the Honorary Citizen Award of the city of Đồng Hới.

Almost 20 years after beginning volunteer work, the certificates and awards kept on coming for Toán. However, Toán's most valuable award is the memory and affection that he received for his work, from Hà Giang to Đồng Hới.

And after years of providing help and happiness to others, Lê Quang Toán finally found his happily ever after, when he met his wife, Lê Thị Minh Thư, a pharmacist.

Through talking about his illnesses and his volunteer work, the two started to bond. Six months later, they married and now have two children.

"When I date him, although my family is understanding, other people aren't. They said that it's not wise to love someone not fully healthy," said Thư. "But I still love my man for his resolve and his heart."

"Because of his work, sometimes we are more than 30km apart but I have always been happy. Though life is hard, but I believed that his heart and story will inspire others, especially the marginalised people," said Thư.

Although the monsoon season is coming to Quảng Bình, the small, tiny figure of Toán is sure to be coming to households to help out people.

When asked when his volunteer work is going to end, Toán said: "I will continue to do this until the day I can't." — VNS